Kathryn Put Thomas In His Place On Southern Charm

Thomas and Kathryn’s relationship has been volatile with a capital V since the beginning: All they do is fight, and while baby Kensington could have temporarily smoothed a few things over, the cracks in their relationship certainly remain. I think we all know at this point in the season that Southern Charm's Kathryn and Thomas are headed for a break up (and some of us who read the post-filming gossip know how close to the truth that is). I think they are super-different people, and none of the things that you should discuss before you decide to cohabitate and have a child together were things Kathryn and Thomas discussed — at least not from what we can see. After all, Kathryn just sort of got pregnant and that was that. This week, Thomas proved that his way or the highway and Kathryn rightful put up a fight.

Thomas let his traditional freak flag fly when he was talking about how he isn’t getting enough sleep due to baby Kensington. He tells the camera (and the audience, whose mouths are agape at this point) that he expected Kathryn to take care of Kensington 100 percent of the time so he doesn’t have to “deal with it” during the campaign. He needs to be rested and refreshed if he’s going to come in fourth to Lindsey Graham, you guys! Why does Thomas think this way? Because this is the way that things were when his father was running for office. Um, Thomas, that was like 50 years ago, and a few things have changed. One thing is that you actually talk to your partner instead of treating her like a human milk factory.

I feel for Kathryn here: I really do. Thomas won’t come home because he needs his beauty sleep, but what about Kathryn? They have a nanny, but I don’t think for one second that Kathryn's not getting up for 3 a.m. feedings. Kathryn makes an amazing point that just because she’s had a baby doesn’t make her a different person: She still has wants and needs in her relationship with Thomas, and he is totally not giving them to her. Craig astutely notes that Kathryn may have had a child, but she assumed she’d be a partner in the relationship and not a speed bag for punching.

So what does Kathryn do? She gives her mom (yay, grandparents!) the baby for a night, and she heads out to celebrate Shep’s (who is 35, which I couldn’t believe, by the way) birthday with the gang. The girl is having a good time when Thomas calls, and she doesn’t pick up the phone. And good for Kathryn. He doesn’t answer your phone calls? You only answer his when it suits you.

Thomas seems to think that Kathryn is always going to be there for him, and I think he’ll be sorely mistaken sometime soon this season. A woman can only take so much.

Images: Tommy Garcia/Bravo; Giphy (2)