13 Perfumes That Smell Like Food — Because Who Doesn't Want To Smell Like Bacon Or Chocolate?

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My favorite scents by far are perfumes that smell like dessert. I have never liked floral perfumes (they kind of remind me of my grandma, and not in that cool “granny chic” way), and musky scents aren’t quite right for me, either. My go-to signature scents tend to be sweet, with notes of sugar and fruits.

I recently came across a whole world of perfumes that smell like all kinds of different foods, however. From the subtle (like citrus or vanilla), to the extreme (anyone want to smell like pizza or barbecue?), there is really no shortage of scents out on the market that will allow you to smell like any of your favorite foods, no matter how random.

After trying out quite a few of these mostly delicious — but sometimes totally wacky — foody perfumes, I put together this list of all the scents you need to try so you can smell like a tasty meal.

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