13 Perfumes That Smell Like Food — Because Who Doesn't Want To Smell Like Bacon Or Chocolate?

My favorite scents by far are perfumes that smell like dessert. I have never liked floral perfumes (they kind of remind me of my grandma, and not in that cool “granny chic” way), and musky scents aren’t quite right for me, either. My go-to signature scents tend to be sweet, with notes of sugar and fruits.

I recently came across a whole world of perfumes that smell like all kinds of different foods, however. From the subtle (like citrus or vanilla), to the extreme (anyone want to smell like pizza or barbecue?), there is really no shortage of scents out on the market that will allow you to smell like any of your favorite foods, no matter how random.

After trying out quite a few of these mostly delicious — but sometimes totally wacky — foody perfumes, I put together this list of all the scents you need to try so you can smell like a tasty meal.

by Sandra Roldan

Vanilla Blackberry

LaVanila Healthy Fragrance in Vanilla Blackberry, $58, L a Vanila

To ease into this olfactory journey, we have a vanilla and blackberry scent. I love LaVanila fragrances because they smell exactly as described, last a long time, and are free of harsh chemicals. Their scents also come in deodorant form.

Heirloom Tomatoes

Distillery General Heirloom, $19, R oyal Apothic

If you favor a slightly more savory scent, this perfume by Distillery General combines the smell of fresh tomatoes with Bulgarian roses. The brand is also releasing a new Sea Salt-scented perfume at Anthropologie stores this month.

The Entire Demeter Fragrance Collection

Cologne Spray All Scents, $20, Demeter Fragrance

It’s hard to talk about food-scented fragrances without immediately thinking of Demeter fragrances. The entire brand has a niche on the market for wacky novelty perfumes, including their most recent newborn baby scent. Some of my favorite Demeter perfumes include their Pizza and Pumpkin Pie scents, as well as their Cotton Candy and Vanilla Cake Batter. Yeah, they also make Sushi and Lobster perfume, because who doesn’t want to smell like seafood?

Sugar And Lychee

Fresh Sugar Lychee Eau de Parfum, $88, F resh

Another more traditionally sweet scent, Fresh makes this delicious Sugar Lychee perfume, that smells exactly like a Lychee martini.


Que BBQ Scented Cologne, $25, P ork Barrel BBQ Store

Described on their website as an “intoxicating bouquet of spices, smoke, meat & sweet summer sweat,” Pork Barrel BBQ’s signature scent is a must-have for meat-lovers.

Mexican Chocolate

Mexican Cocoa Spray Perfume, $22, P acifica Beauty

This all-natural vegan spray perfume captures the essence of warm, spicy, dark chocolate in a bottle. Yum.

Green Apple

DKNY Be Delicious, $60, DKNY

You can never go wrong with a classic. DKNY’s signature Be Delicious perfume is the perfect fresh green apple scent.


Bacon Gold, $36, F arginnay

Another one for the meat-lovers… this perfume has the subtle scent of bacon combined with citrus and black pepper. The brand makes a stronger bacon scent, too, if you really want to smell like breakfast.

Blood Orange

Atelier Orange Sanguine Cologne Absolue, $70, Sephora

This smells exactly like a perfectly ripe, juicy blood orange. If you like fruity scents, this one is absolutely intoxicatingly delicious.


Spicy Meat

CB Beast Water Perfume, $60, CB I H ate Perfume

One more for meat lovers (mostly because I think it’s crazy how many meat-scented perfumes actually exist), this handcrafted perfume by I Hate Perfume combines the smell of roast beef, parsley, and herbs, black pepper and spices, smoked woods, patchouli, cedar, and tobacco absolute.

Hot Pepper

L’Artisan Parfumeur Poivre Piquant, $130, A rtisan Parfumeur

This super sexy scent combines white hot pepper and the sugary sweetness of milk, honey, and licorice for a spicy yet delicately sensual aroma. Well worth the hefty price tag.


Commodity Tea Eau de Parfum, $26, Commodity Goods

A fitting end to our aromatic journey, this minty citrus tea scent is a perfect palate cleanser.