A Homeless Guy Tried To Give People Money, And They Reacted Like Absolute Monsters — VIDEO

What would you do if a homeless person offered YOU money? This video from fouseyTUBE (known for stupid pranks) explores what happens when a homeless guy offers people money on the street. I should add a disclaimer to this by saying the entire thing seems staged with actors, but maybe I'm just so much of a softie I don't believe that so many people who act with so much disdain towards the homeless. Walking by in silence and ignoring, sure, but so many people stopping to abuse the homeless seems a bit far fetched. But then again, maybe I'm wrong, and none of this is staged, and the world is a much more horrible place than I think it is.

The goal of the video is set out below [sic]:

Maybe you're more of a world cynic and believe the way the people react in the video is realistic. Watch below and judge for yourself:

fouseyTUBE on YouTube

Here are some better reactions, courtesy of reaction queen, Britney Spears:

1. Shock

2. Confusion

3. Heart-warmed

4. Emotional

5. Inspired to generosity

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