Ariana Grande Tweets About Big Sean Breakup & You Really Don't Need To Worry About Her

Given her recent split from Big Sean, I'm guessing that Ariana Grande's loved ones are treating her with increased sensitivity: offering to bring her out for ice cream, sending her concerned texts urging her to "Hang in there, girl," the whole nine. But on Tuesday, Ariana Grande opened up about her breakup from Big Sean on Twitter. She's super moved by everybody's concern, but she wants you to know that she's totes McGoats fine, and everyone can chill out. Just keepin' it 100.

On Monday, Grande and Big Sean's reps confirmed to Us Weekly that the pair had amicably split up. Rumor has it that conflicting touring schedules is the reason they decided to call it quits. The statement said that "they both deeply care for each other and remain close friends," so things are reportedly still cool between them. Nonetheless, Big Sean and Grande shippers the world over subsequently reacted with ubiquitous despair. This news is still fresh, so we can infer that many of these devout shippers are still in mourning.

And while Grande apparently appreciates everyone thinking of her, she doesn't want anyone making themselves crazy over this. She took to Twitter on Tuesday afternoon, saying in a tweet (that has since been deleted) "i love u babes so much. you're a bunch of angels honestly. your love / care is appreciated so much. i'm good i promise."


In short, she's OK, guys. Please, don't make yourselves sick with grief on her behalf. Emotional support and positive regard are important when anyone is going through a breakup/losing a job/dealing with a generally destabilizing life event. The therapeutic value of venting to someone while they nod their heads and say "I know, that sucks!" or "Eff love, you're amazing!" can not be understated. I'm sure Grande has plenty of people around her to do these things. But past a certain point, I'm sure she just wants people to stop taking about how sad things are and return to normal. Basically, if you want to invite both her and Big Sean to your next dinner party, it totally won't be weird. She's fine.

Image: Getty Images