Why Did Ariana Grande & Big Sean Break Up?

Sad news for all of you Big Sean and Ariana Grande relationship fans out there. After eight months of being a music industry power couple, Grande and Sean are no more. I know this is a shock, and you'll probably need to grieve this breakup as you do with all other celebrity splits, but you may be wondering: why did Ariana Grande and Big Sean break up? We hadn't even got a chance to give make up their portmanteau!! (Does Big Grande work? Too repetitive?)

I still feel like portmanteau brainstorming is OK, because the news of their split is still very fresh. On Monday afternoon, the pair's reps confirmed that the "One Last Time" singer and the "Control" rapper were consciously uncoupling. In addition to asking for privacy around their breakup, the rep told Us Weekly, "They both care deeply for each other and remain close friends."

But if everything is so peaches and cream, this begs the question: why did they feel the need to call it quits? They seemed to be so in love! They sang to each other on stage all the time! They seemed mad lovey dovey on the red carpet! Was everything just TOO great? Is there even such a thing as a relationship being too great??

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While an excessively awesome relationship isn't really a reason for people to call it off, conflicting schedules totally is. Sources told Us Weekly that the pair chose to split up because of "conflicting tour schedules" that will keep them apart for the better part of the year. Long distance relationships are difficult, so if this is true, considering how insane their famous-person lives are, taking a break is a pretty sane decision.

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For those of you who are really broken up over this news, there's still hope that the pair could reunite! Sure, they're not together at the moment, but they could resume things once their lives calm down a little. Schedules are, after all, always subject to change.

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