The 'Full House' Spinoff Makes Steph The Jesse & Kimmy The Joey Because It Totally Makes Sense

It's hard to imagine that anyone was too surprised that, when the Full House spinoff was announced on Monday, the plot description of the new show sounded awfully familiar to the original. Seeing as the whole reason for Fuller House's existence is the nostalgia fans feel for the series, it makes total sense that the producers would want to bring back the first show's most memorable elements. It's only natural that D.J. is a widow raising three boys, just like Danny was a widower raising three girls — and that Steph and Kimmy, now adults, are playing basically the same exact roles as Jesse and Joey did 20 years ago.

Sure, the characters are not really the same; this is still Steph and Kimmy, after all, not Jesse and Joey in female wigs and costumes (been there, done that), and John Stamos and Dave Coulier are both said to be in talks to appear as their former characters as well. Yet plenty in the new show's description seemed to indicate that the two women's now-adult characters would be playing parts similar to the roles made famous by Stamos and Coulier in practically every sense. Here's what I mean:

Stephanie Is Pursuing A Music Career

Just like her Uncle Jesse, grown-up Steph is trying to be a musician. The career choice is less strange than you might think; on Full House, Steph showed a real knack for dancing, and she had a memorable — if disastrous — foray into singing, as well. It's not a surprise that she's choosing to follow her uncle's footsteps and make a career out of her passion; whether she ends up fronting a rock band and owning a music club, however, is not yet known.

Kimmy Has No Connection To The People She's Living With

On Fuller House, both Steph and Kimmy live with D.J. in her home. Being her sister, Steph makes sense — but Kimmy? There's absolutely no reason for her to be living there, and that's exactly what was weird about Joey crashing at the house all those seasons in the original show, too. Neither character has connections to the Tanners other than being friends, and while their entertainment is appreciated, their presence just makes an already-full house even, well, fuller.

Steph Is Helping Out Her Family

Although it's not specified, it can be assumed that Steph moves into D.J.'s home on Fuller House in order to help her raise her three boys after their father's death. Sound similar? It's exactly what Jesse did on Full House, moving in with Danny so he could help him raise D.J., Steph and Michelle.

Kimmy And Joey Share A Fashion Sense

Their actual outfit choices may have differed (can you imagine Joey in Kimmy's LED-lit prom dress?), but there's no question that both characters shared a... unique taste in fashion. I mean, just look at them.

Steph Has Always Loved Danger

By far, the two Full House characters that got in trouble the most were Jesse and Steph, albeit for very different things. Jesse never met a fast car or skydiving trip he didn't like, and Steph, well, we all know the kind of things she would've gotten into if D.J. hadn't stepped in and stopped her. The two Tanners were the family daredevils.

Kimmy Is Kind Of The Worst

Look, Uncle Joey was a nice guy. He made the girls laugh, was always there to lend a hand, and had a killer Bullwinkle impression. Yet he was also incredibly annoying. He was always in the way, had the maturity of a 2-year-old, and mooched off everyone he met. The same goes for Kimmy Gibbler, who, despite having some good qualities, was mostly a major nuisance to the Tanners. She showed up without warning, insulted the entire family, and acted like she'd never heard the words "please" or "thank you" in her life. It's a surprise Joey and Kimmy weren't closer on the show, as clearly, they're practically the same person.

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