Chewie Does A Helluva Louis C.K. Impression

You know, I haven't dedicated nearly enough of life considering what lines might be drawn between contemporary comedians and characters from Star Wars (namely because I have a problem with the lack of women represented in sci-fi, and also because sci-fi is generally not in my wheelhouse). But Nerdist's mashup of the genres, wherein they swap Louis C.K. with Chewbacca in a Star Wars parody of Louie , makes more sense than anything I've ever seen on the TV comedy's mainstay. Obviously, they're onto something here.

The frills-free intro to C.K.'s hilarious television series usually follows him wandering around Greenwich Village killing time before a show. He emerges from the train, grabs a slice, eats said slice, and head down into the Comedy Cellar. Likely, this a verbatim scene lifted from C.K.'s life—and one that transfers flawlessly when Nerdist lifts the man from the equation to replace him with a very hair space creature. I'm not even convinced they had to halt or rope off foot traffic from the shooting area since, honestly, it takes a lot to disrupt the frantic flow of New Yorkers hoofing around the city. Watching a dude in a furry suit saunter in front of pizzerias is likely not the weirdest thing they'll see all week, let alone all day. (But to be fair, you can see at least one person—almost certainly a tourist—snapping a phone photo.)

I just wish costume would have outfitted Chewie with C.K.'s trademark black T-shirt. That's gotta be more comfortable than his...um, weapon sash. Weapon sash? Sure, let's go with "weapon sash". See the whole remixed intro below:

Did you catch it? It's very sneaky, and hands-down my favorite part of the video. Here's what I mean:

I pretty much anointed my desk with spit-coffee when I saw that. Very sneaky, wonderful stuff. And the subtle ribbing doesn't end there. Any of those credits look familiar?

"Annakin Starkiller"

An obvs one, but still worth mentioning. It's a riff off Anakin Skywalker, aka, the dude who eventually turns into Darth Vader. I guess I could have marked this a possible spoiler, but I cannot imagine the person clueless enough for that information to shock.

"Ruby Renikso"

The actual actor who will appear in the new Star Wars film as Brant Hearth. (No clue where he actually is in this parody, but why would Nerdist lie?)

"Dash Rendar"

Apparently this is a character from the films, "a Human male smuggler and freelancer." Why not!

Could you imagine Louis slipping on into the cast of the new Star Wars installment? What a dream! That might even make me go see the dang thing.

Images: YouTube (3); angleslam99/YouTube