This Incredible M&M-Filled Cake Is A Thing You Can And Should Make Immediately — VIDEO

Dear bakers and cake-lovers, you are about to be very happy: I present you with the “Rainbow Surprise Piñata M&M Cake,” the brainchild of Irene, the baking genius behind Cheeky Crumbs. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a cake filled with candy, but it’s a particularly effective version of it. When you cut it open, this cake oozes M&Ms, like some goddamned chocolate volcano sent from heaven to make us all happy. The cool thing about this cake is that it’s pretty simple to make (essentially, you cut a hole in your cake and fill it with candy), and, once you’ve got the method down, you can customize it however you’d like. Irene uses a chocolate cake with vivid rainbow frosting, but you could easily do this with other cake flavors and icing colors, and you could substitute the M&Ms with other small candies (or you could get those customizable M&Ms if you want to be really fancy and color-coordinated).

Here’s how Irene does it:

She starts with a basic chocolate cake, cut into four even layers. She uses a cookie cutter to make a hole in the second layer, and sticks it to the first with a coating of chocolate ganache:

She adds a third hollowed-out layer on top of that, and pours M&Ms into the resulting opening...

She then covers the M&M-filled concoction with a final layer of cake and ganache...

And finishes the cake with a thick coating of colorful buttercream, before finally getting to the most exciting part:

Seriously, how glorious is this cake?

Check out Irene’s other creations on her Cheeky Crumbs YouTube channel.

Cheeky Crumbs on YouTube

Images: A♥/Flickr