This Subway Ghost Prank In Brazil Is Too Mean And Too Scary, And Pranksters Basically Need To Learn Some Chill — VIDEO

I experienced my official New Yorker baptism when, during a 2011 evening commute from Manhattan, a man on the train grunted at me while aggressively masturbating. It isn't my favorite memory, but at least what he did wasn't as bad as these guys who pulled this ghost on the subway prank. A Brazilian hidden-camera television series, Câmeras Escondidas, orchestrated an elaborated haunted prank for folks heading home on the late train and it puts even the gnarliest MTA urban legend to shame.

Seriously, y'all, subways are the place of pure terror anyway. They tend to reek of urine and act as a petri dish to collect the highest caliber of vile human germs. One ill-fated ride I found a blue-haired teen up in my face threatening his own suicide if I did not agree to be his girlfriend. Another instance, on a very packed ride, I joined my fellow passengers in a rousing game of people Tetris to avoid a lolling pool of vomit as it skated across the floor. Also, I am 98% sure I once shared a train car with a corpse. See? Pretty creepy in their own filthy reality, but what if the supernatural were to make a cameo? Câmeras tests the fright capacity of a handful of particularly unlucky passengers during a recent prank.

It starts when the train rolls to a stop and the lights start to flicker...


Which, to be fair, is not an uncommon occurrence, at least in New York. So, guessing Brazil is similar, it makes sense that most passengers are not immediately alarmed. Then, everything goes pitch black. And then the lights come back on...

...And passengers see THIS THING


This might look comical from your current, safe seat. But there is no way these passengers have such smug perspective.

And they react accordingly


What a solid pay-off for all the tension built. Watch the whole thing unfold (for several different parties) with volume for a better feel of the terror:

Câmeras Escondidas Programa Silvio Santos on YouTube

I want to keep watching and laughing but then my paranoia about jinxing myself gets the better of me. Do these people deserve such a fright, despite its good-natured intention? Probably not. Do I ever want to experience this or something similar firsthand? Never. Ugh. Ghosts, you guys.

Images: YouTube(3)