Spiritual Mediums Reveal 6 Ways To Avoid Being Haunted By Ghosts

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While it's always fun to have a haunted Halloween, being haunted IRL can be quite distressing. Certain people are more susceptible to hauntings and spirits than others. And, although some may choose to harness that energy in service to the greater good by acting as psychic mediums, other people would rather communicate strictly with the living. In either case, it's important to know how to avoid being haunted or from spirit communication you didn't sign up for. As Los Angeles-based spiritual medium Erika Gabriel tells Bustle, whether you're a medium or not, knowing how to close the door to the spirit world is vital for self preservation.

"I really have to manage my energy. I walk in nature all the time. I use sage as a tool to clear my energy," Gabriel says. "When I first started embracing being a medium, I didn't know I was in charge of my own energy. I had no idea I could open and close it. I was up all night, every night freaking out and feeling every spirit in all of Los Angeles in my bedroom talking to me. While it sounds like, 'hey, that could be kind of neat,' it's not. It sucks. It's horrible. I was really scared," she says.

Eventually Gabriel, who now works as a medium and says she had her first supernatural experience at age 7, realized that she was in charge of her energy. She tells Bustle that she learned to set boundaries that shut off the lines of communication between herself and the spirit world when she's not working, sort of like closing your email app after you leave the office.

So now that you know it's possible, just how do you go about establishing boundaries to protect yourself from being haunted or contacted by spirits you're not keen on talking to? The answers, my friendlies, are surprisingly simple. With a few exceptions, just treat the spirits like any negative living person you want to get rid of.


Clear Your Energy


Gabriel tells Bustle that whether or not you're a medium, it's important to learn to manage your energy. I'm a big believer in clearing energy by using sage, especially after something or someone bajiggity has been in my space. If you're new to sage, it's pretty easy to use.

You can either light a sage stick or diffuse pure sage oil in an oil diffuser. Set your intention, then walk from room to room and let the sage energetically cleanse your home and spirit.


Trust Your Gut

When most people move into a new apartment, whether or not it's haunted likely isn't on their list of questions to ask the landlord. But, maybe it should be. If sharing your space with spirits isn't really your jam, the website RentPrep recommends trusting your gut: If something feels off energetically, don't rent the apartment. In addition, in some states landlords may be required to disclose information about the property, including whether or not paranormal activity has been reported.


Tell Spirits To Leave


What's the best way to get people to leave you alone IRL? Tell them. It's the same with spirits. Clairvoyant and psychic Lisa Caza said on her website Soul Psychics that it's important to be clear and direct because if you're not, spirits can sense your fear and use that to continue to bother you. "Attitude. It’s all about attitude! Be vocally forceful and assert your power … and insist that the spirits leave. Be strong and don’t take no crap!"


Practice Visualization Exercises

After you tell the spirits to get lost, Caza wrote on her site, visualization techniques are a good way to protect yourself. "Visualize firstly the most radiant golden-white light fill your entire physical being from head to toe and allow it to radiate outwards from your body like an aura. Once that is accomplished, then visualize yourself being completely encompassed by this energized and electric bubble of silver light. Affirm, 'I surround myself with a shield of protection. I am safe within my space.'"

She added, "No negative spirit can penetrate or attach itself to this high vibration energy and might even be repulsed by it. Only the most positive, loving and gentle of spirits will be able to enter — of whom would likely be your angels and guides."


Don't Use Ouija Boards

Maybe it's just a toy, maybe it's not. But if you are at all energetically sensitive, it's best to avoid using a Ouija board. If you're not familiar with Ouija boards, these talking boards are used to communicate with the spirit world. Users ask questions and if spirits are present, they will supposedly move the board's planchette to spell out the answers. Most people don't believe Ouija boards work. However, there's enough anecdotal evidence out there to suggest otherwise.


Get Some Crystals

Crystals are a great way to clear negative energy and keep it from coming back, and selenite is perhaps the best cleansing crystal out there. "Selenite is my go to stone for protection from ghosts and lower vibrational energy, and I personally consider it to be a crystal ghostbuster," Energy Muse co-founder and healing crystals expert Heather Askinosie wrote in a blog post on the site. "Wearing a Selenite necklace creates a sphere of white light around your body. It’s uplifting, elevating and acts like a superhero of protection."

Overall, the best way to protect yourself from being haunted, or from wayward spirits, is to set boundaries and stand in your power. While there are always exceptions, for the most part, spirits and ghosts won't bother you if you refuse to engage with them.

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