This Guy Got A Face Tattoo Of His Newborn Son And It's As Horrifying As It Is Sweet — PHOTO

You know a sweet way to commemorate someone you love? Have their face tattooed to yours. You're double taking on that first sentence right now, aren't you? Because, as we learned from the Drake forehead lady, there are better ways to show your devotion that permanently inking your face. But dad Christien Sechrist apparently didn't get the memo, because he just got his baby's face tattooed to his face. I get that it's supposed to be sweet and show love, but...really? What happened to good, old fashioned body tattoos? Can we just call the face out of bounds in the tattoo game from here on out?

It's not that there's anything offensive or wrong about a face tattoo. It's just that there's no way to ever hide it if you're, I dunno, trying to get a job. It makes me uneasy for these people. An arm tattoo, for instance, gives the same sentiment while remaining completely hide-able in situations that might call for a little less tat-showing. And I know we're trying to live in a post-liberal society where any kind of body modification is acceptable, blah blah blah—I'm here for all of that. I really am. But there are still going to be occasions where professionalism (not individual bigotry or judgement or anything mean like that) prevails in the dictates of what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. Here's the tattoo for reference:

Oh, and there's one on the other side of his head too:

Luckily for Christien, Daily Dot reports he's gainfully employed as an electrician. Luckily also for him, he appears to be a loving father and boyfriend, and one who is equally loved in return. So let's not judge too harshly on the tattoo choice. Because I'm sure somewhere out there, Christien is thinking how boring and stupid all our plain un-tattooed faces are. Meanwhile, here are some face tattoos that are way more troubling than Christien's:

1. This very rude one:

2. This. There are no words.

3. This regretful declaration

4. This completely terrifying forehead bat thing

5. That unfortunate Drake incident...

Images: Christien Wdyjgfy Sechrist/Facebook (2)