16 People Who Work At Home Share What Their Desks Really Look Like On Instagram — PHOTOS

The idea of working from home used to fill me with a lot of anxiety. I didn't trust myself enough to thing that I'd have the discipline to get much—if anything—marked off my to-do list if I attempted to work in my own home where I keep my food and bed and Netflix account. As it turns out, I now adore working from home, as do many folks. One of the best parts about working from home folk is the variance, namely, what do their desks look like? (We are all already acquainted and enchanted with other perks such as zero commute, a pants-optional uniform, easy access to petting pets and exploring the fridge, etc.)

I swapped to a deceptively valiant standing desk after tiring of my butt falling asleep while seated. So, yeah. That's my poorly rigged standing desk you see a picture of up there, elevated by a purple milk crate, clearly. It ain't fancy, but it works OK when paired with my old lady-ish wrist gel pad thing.

It's slightly vulnerable, posting a photo of your very personal workspace on the internet. A lot of the items have nothing to do with work or even writing—such as the numerous bottles of B-12 supplements, handy ukulele to badly pluck while battling writer's block (or TBH, even if I'm just home and a slightly sauced), cat claw trimmers (which are actually guinea pig claw trimmers but were $10 cheaper)...you get the idea. Then again, I present to you my desk totally untampered. This is how I work, for better or for worse. Not sure if other Instagrammers were as honest as me in their approach, but whatever. We get the idea. Here's the "real" way some folks work from home:

The one that doesn't sweat haters

I don't know many offices that seem like they'd be stoked to have a big, ol' declaration that shakes off haters while shouting "f*ck." Another big pro for home offices, y'know.

The one that channels Anthropologie

Not that that is a bad thing, but it does seem a bit like a lying thing.

The one guarded by an office cat

None shall pass. Kidding, he looks chill.

The other one guarded by an office cat

Much less threatening. They should consider stepping up their security.

The one that gets fresh air

A freaking balcony office? Color me insanely jealous. Then maybe erase me completely because that's what intense envy makes you want to do.

The one with impossibly perfect organization

I'm drooling, guys.

The one that looks like a treehouse

But like a legit one with meetings that discuss matters more complex than how to hunt down the new ice cream man's truck route.

The one with a view

What is this life? Can I have this life?

The one that redefines sleek

If Spice Girls were to reunite but as home office desks, this would be Posh Spice incarnate.

The one I admittedly pandered from a friend

Andy also has musical instruments within arm's reach but the difference is he can actually play them fairly well. So when he goes to pass time between work phone calls, it isn't audio torture for his roommates.

The one I can't believe

Although I want to, I unfortunately know first-hand the horrors of sunshine screen glare.

The one guarded by an office pug

I wouldn't mess.

The one that might double as a BDSM lair

Sounds a little distracting, potentially, but I don't know your life.

The one with the intern

Clearly not a bouncer with that butt pillow. It's a dead (enviable) giveaway, sorry.

The one with a sunny disposition

Apparently, the color yellow is uplifting. Not a bad design concept!

The one that's almost too real

I'd like to daps this poster. Good on you keepin' busy and keepin' honest. I respect this person.

Images: becagrimm/Instagram