Is Cecily Strong Single? The 'SNL' Star Keeps Things Mysterious

One of Saturday Night Live's resident funny women will be cracking people up at the White House this weekend. Cecily Strong is hosting the White House Correspondents' Dinner on April 25, and she's promising to bring top-notch jokes along with her. But some fans might be wondering if she is bringing along a date to the oft-described "nerd prom," or if Cecily Strong is even dating anyone at all. Well, the short answer is that the comedienne has, for the most part, been keeping that part of her life mysterious.

Strong was confirmed to be dating fellow comedian Mike O'Brien — an SNL writer who was a featured player for one season — during 2014. There has not been much of an update in 2015 to suggest that the couple is still together. There have been no recent sweet shout outs by either of them to their significant other in interviews and no cute photos of the two together on their social media pages. However, there has not been anything to suggest that they have necessarily ended their relationship, either. There have been no joint statements made by them to Us Weekly or People, and no Instagram posts of half full glasses of wine with a cryptic caption à la Sam Smith. So maybe they are just keeping things quiet for the sake of privacy, which is totally understandable. Or maybe they are not ones to air dirty laundry out there if not asked about their love lives.

But then again, Strong has not exactly been shy in the past about her reservations about dating a co-worker. When asked by Cosmopolitan in April 2014 if she had any concerns entering a relationship with O'Brien, she opened up to the magazine and said,

Absolutely. It's probably stupid. But I got the okay from my dad, who is a business professional. It happens. The good thing is I never feel like I'm complaining or talking about my job too much.

So Strong has hinted that it might not have been the best choice to pursue the relationship. And O'Brien did not jump immediately to defend the choice, at least not publicly. Hmm. So what to make of this celeb connection, since we don't have a definite answer? For the time being, we can probably assume that if they are still together, they don't feel the need to update the public every time they have date night (refreshing), and if they have broken up, nothing entirely catastrophic happened (also refreshing).We will have to stay tuned to see if she dishes on the relationship in the future. But in the meantime, turn your attention to her performance this weekend. It's sure to be a good one!