11 Statement Hair Accessories Fit For Fashion Royalty — So Channel Your Inner Princess Now

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Vogue has reported on a new trend of adorning your locks this spring/summer 2015, stating that "spring/summer 2015's gilded hair accessories are things of true beauty." It seems all of the big names in fashion are turning their gazes skyward and deliberating on what to next "wow" their audiences with — in this case, statement hair accessories.

High fashion brands like Dolce and Gabbana were quick to jump on board — and D&G exhibited wonderful, regal affairs in their spring/summer 2015 show, including golden crowns adorned with jewels and beautiful flowers. And I'm sure the designers will inspire every woman and her dog to wear crowns this season.

So why not be a real life princess and dress your hair accordingly? Your next step is learning how to master the royal wave, but I'm sure that will come with practice, darlings.

Image: Fotolia

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