Love Your Hair? So Do These 8 Women, Who Told Us Why Their Manes Are Awesome

There are some days when your hair is hard to love. This is what most people might call a bad hair day: your bangs have a mind of their own, that cowlick just won't stay down, or, if you're a curly girl like me, you might be throwing a wild-and-crazy frizz festival. (In other words, your hair is being a total life-ruiner.) But in your heart of hearts, you know you're a babe, so you've learned how to love your hair — just like these eight awesome women.

We learned a few things from this experiment. The first lesson is that when you ask a bunch of strangers for their photograph, you'll frequently get an "are you sure? me?" reaction. We also experienced a few long pauses. It turns out that the things we find bothersome about our hair are on the tips of our tongues, but the things that we love the most take extra contemplation. The last (and most important!) thing we learned is that there are some seriously stylish, hilarious women walking the streets of New York City.

That's why we've partnered with OGX Beauty. They're on a mission to banish bad hair days from both our lives and our lexicon and replace them with "Bad Ass Hair Days." Here's what happened when we took to the streets and asked real women what makes their hair "bad ass," no matter what kind of day it is.

Why is your hair so bad ass?

Carina, 21

"Because I <3 changing the color!"

Allaire, 23

"Because it's untameable."

Shantell, 23

"Because I love feeling young and free. (Be naturally you!)"

Jo, 27

"Because it's VIBRANT."

Deanna, 39

"Because it helps me manifest my inner Muppet."

Megan, 26

"Because it's healthy and straight."

Katherine, 75

"Because I don't need to color it anymore!"

Sonal, 32

"Because 'I don't care if you like it!'"

This post is sponsored by OGX Beauty .