7 Current Fashion Trends We'll All Be Scratching Our Heads Over In The Future

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It happens every couple of decades: After enough time has passed since something was "in style" and fashionable, we look back and wonder why we ever wore it. The crazy big hair of the '80s, the neon biker shorts of the '90s, even the gaucho pants of the '00s are considered embarrassing trends in 2015.

What is often trendy in one decade ends up looking silly to the next generation. So it seems inevitable that our children will look back at old photos of us and ask, "That's what you thought was cool?" when they see these current treasures donned on our bodies. But that’s probably not going to stop us from wearing them right now. To us, we still look totally cool.

That being said, let's contemplate the circularity of trends for a sec, and reflect on current "it" fashions that we'll probably laugh at 20 years from now.

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