What Is Michael Lorber From 'Million Dollar Listing: New York' Doing Now? He's Kept Quite Busy

Dust off the cobwebs way back in the outskirts of your noggin, and think back to a time on Bravo when Million Dollar Listing: New York wasn't comprised of the three sharks it is now. Back on Season 1 of Million Dollar Listing , Michael Lorber was one of three real estate agents featured on the show — along with Ryan Serhant and Fredrik Eklund — who sold millions and millions of dollars worth of mind-blowing apartments in Manhattan. Michael is no longer part of the cast of MLD: NY, but that doesn't mean he hasn't been making a ton of money and participating in real life Liam Neeson movies when the cameras aren't rolling.

Before we jump into the who, what, where, when, and why of Michael's life now, let's recap what Michael's time was like on Million Dollar Listing. Michael started his rise in real estate under Mr. Real Estate himself, the man, the myth, the hair, the Donald (Trump). He actually became a lawyer before joining real estate tour de force, Douglas Elliman, in 2006 (Douglas Elliman is also the same company that Fredrik and Luis work for on the current season of Million Dollar Listing).

So what is Michael up to now that the cameras stopped rolling and he is living a camera-free life in New York?

He's Still At Douglas Elliman, With A New Position

Michael is still working at Douglas Elliman, but as of 2014, he was part of a new team called The SLS Team. According to a press release by Douglas Elliman, the team consists of "three top producing agents," so that says something about Michael's status at the company.

He Was Involved In A Virtual Kidnapping Scam

Get this. Even though it seems like a plot to a Liam Neeson film, Michael was involved in a super scary faux kidnapping scam that has reportedly been happening to people around New York. According to an interview he gave The New York Post, Michael received a phone call from someone who claimed he had kidnapped his brother and demanded a $2,000 ransom. If he called his brother on the phone, they'd kill his brother. Turns out, Michael was able to slip a note to his assistant, who was able to reach Michael's perfectly fine, non-kidnapped brother at his office. Still, it must have been a terrifying experience.

He's Hanging Out With Sonja Morgan A Lot

Those who Bravo together, hang together. Although, we don't really know when Michael and Sonja's friendship started, since Sonja seems to know everyone in New York City (which is one of a million reasons to love her).

He's Still Supporting MLD: NY

Even though he doesn't star on the show anymore, he is still working to promote the show. Now I think that says something about the type of guy Michael is (a good one).

He's Being Very Philanthropic

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There's Michael and Sonja AGAIN. Despite Michael being a top real estate broker, he is still finding time to donate his time to charity. According to his Twitter bio, Michael is on the board of Love Heals, MGH Cancer Center, Boston Children's Hospital, Babson College, and New England Aquarium. So, yeah, he's busy.

Image: Getty Images