How To Bring The Good Vibes Back To Your Space

I'm on a mission to bring the good vibes back to my bedroom. Where did they go? Well, it's a long story but basically I found a creepy portrait of a little girl on the street and I hung it above my bed — and now I think my room is haunted. And I would like to stop having nightmares about ghosts wearing plaid shirts standing over me while I sleep. So, um... yeah. That happened.

Bad vibes don't necessarily mean that you're battling a supernatural force, though. Maybe you haven't been sleeping well; maybe you've been feeling anxious, restless, or lacking in control; maybe you've just been kind of grumpy. Whenever these sensations begin to fray the edges of my life, my first step in addressing them is to engage in some cleansing rituals.

Cleansing rituals are not cure-alls and should not be treated as such, but as someone who is susceptible to anxiety and procrastination, the process of cleaning, organizing, fixing, and relaxing into a physical space ultimately helps me to do the same with my brain. There is a serious wealth of knowledge and advice when it comes to cleansing your space, so I've boiled it down to the basics: Good Vibes 101.

1. Clean Up

And I don't mean just make your bed; sometimes, some serious spring cleaning is in order. Take stock of everything in your space — since we've already established I am a queen of random tchotchkes, I try to do this on a monthly basis. Knowing exactly what and where all of my belongings are gives me a sense of control. Get under your bed and behind your bookshelf. Oh, and wash your sheets — partially because they're probably gross, but also because clean bedding can help you sleep better.

2. Make It Your Own

Reclaim your room by marking your walls with both memories and goals: The best of your past and present and future. Get crafty and make some art — abstract pieces, self portraits, landscapes, whatever. I don't know about you, but just the process of creation helps clear spider webs out of my brain. Take pride in what you've made and hang it up!

3. Feng Shui 101

Feng Shui is a complex set of rules for arranging your home, but even just applying the basics holds potential for positive improvements in your life. Feng Shui operates under the premise that your space is a representation of what's going on in your life. When it comes to the bedroom, symmetry, warm colors, and arranging your bed so that you have a clear view of the door — referred to as the power position — are considered to be the tenets of promoting good vibes.

4. Cast a Cleansing Spell

When you Google "cleansing spell," the number of search results is pretty overwhelming. Since I'm not a Wiccan and have very few resources on hand, I chose one of the simpler spells out there — the Room Candle Cleanse. You can do this yourself or, like I did, you can drag your friends and roommates into the process. It only requires salt and a candle — and an open, positive mind.

5. Smudge It

You can find smudge sticks, which consist of dried sage and other herbs, at most health food stores. Begin by opening up all of your doors and windows. Treat the smudge stick as you would incense — light the end, blow out the flame, and let the embers smoke. Be sure to carry the stick in a bowl to catch the ash. Walk around the perimeter of the room, allowing the smoke to reach all of the corners, and consciously imagine the bad vibes being swallowed up. The concept behind smudging is that the smoke absorbs negative energy and carries it out of your space.

Once you've cast your spells and smudged your doorways and actually washed your pillow sheets, take a few moments to enjoy your hard work. Look at what you've accomplished, gurl. Look at what you're capable of doing in just a few hours.

Images: urbaneapts, martinak15, Nick Sherman, Andrea Parrish-Geyer/Flickr; Giphy (3)