What Are The 'Full House' Characters Doing Now? 'Fuller House' Has A Lot Of Options

It's been a crazy week for '90s sitcom fans, and I mean that in the best way possible: ICYMI, Netflix said "You got it, dude!" to the Full House spinoff, which is appropriately titled Fuller House, and it's like Christmas came early for Tanner enthusiasts. The series will star Andrea Barber, Candace Cameron-Bure, and Jodie Sweetin, who will reprise their roles as neighbor Kimmy Gibbler, responsible eldest Tanner child D.J. Tanner, and middle kid Stephanie Tanner. John Stamos, aka Uncle Jesse, is also onboard, while the rest of the cast is in negotiations to guest star on the new 13-episode sitcom. As Lori Louglin (Aunt Becky!) told Access Hollywood, the rest of the cast is interested if Netflix can make it happen. Hopefully, they can — I can't wait to see what the Tanners and their extended family have been up to for the past two decades, and this show will certainly answer those questions.

That's not to say that we don't already know what some of the characters on Full House have been doing since their time on the original sitcom. The synopsis for Fuller House, which is scheduled to stream in 2016, informs us to what the three main characters of the sitcom have been up to in the past two decades. When Fuller House picks up, D.J. (now D.J. Tanner-Fuller, hence the show's title) is a recently-widowed veterinarian with two boys and a third child on the way. D.J.'s single mom pal Kimmy moves into D.J.'s house along with Kimmy's teenage daughter, Ramona. Stephanie, now an aspiring musician, also moves in to assist her big sister.

So what about the rest of the characters? So far, that's all up to speculation. Here's what I predict the Full House gang is up to in 2015:

Danny Tanner

After moving on from broadcast television, the Tanner patriarch creates his own web series "Cleaning With Danny," which helps people learn how to get stains out of everything from cotton shirts to carpet. He's also extremely into Pinterest.

Uncle Jesse

The beautiful, ageless Jesse gave up the recording life after a few years of riding the success of his "Forever" cover, and instead scores music for major films. He moonlights as a model for boxed hair dye.

Uncle Joey

Joey finally found some success as a comedian and appeared on panel shows like Chelsea Lately before landing a recurring role on Modern Family as Phil's "weird puppet friend."

Aunt Becky

Becky moved on from local news and scored a seat on the panel of The View, where she consistently plays the role of the peacemaker. (Having twins will do that to you.)

Michelle Tanner

The youngest Tanner still suffers from migraines after her horrific horseback riding accident in the final season of Full House, but eventually used that struggle to write an amazing personal essay for college. She went to school at NYU and eventually scored a lucrative gig working for the fashion brand Elizabeth & James. She's so busy that it's almost like there's two of her, which is why she simply cannot fly back to San Francisco for the holidays... or any, say, reunion shows.

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