Not Going To Prom? Here Are 8 Alternatives To Try Instead, Because Prom Isn't For Everyone

Sometimes you just don't want to go to prom, and you know what? That's totally, 125 percent OK. If you're not going to prom, these prom alternatives can turn any night into an evening worth remembering — sans the fancy dresses, tacky gym themes, and pricey event tickets that usually go hand in hand with a high school prom.

So grab a group of your closest friends, and get to planning. You don't have to go to prom to have an epic night, you only need to have some great people to share it with. These prom alternatives range widely depending on what kinds of things interest you, but there is something for every type of personality on this list. Want to do something artsy? Check. How about something delicious? You got it. Need something just as lively as prom itself? No worries.

So instead of spending extra money this year on a dress you're probably only going to wear once (and one day 10 years from now will potentially be totally embarrassed that you wore it at all), spend your cash on a guaranteed good time. Prom isn't for everyone, and everyone isn't for prom — embrace it, and use the free night to your advantage!

1. Throw a themed party of your own

Forget prom dresses this year — throw your own costume-themed party. Instead of having to fuss and fret about getting all dolled up, you can fuss and fret about having the best costume of the night. Some great themes include Where's Waldo, cereal box characters, and invent your own superhero.

2. Go cosmic bowling

Whoever thinks bowling is uncool is completely off their rocker. A couple rounds of bowling with friends is a guaranteed good time. Add in the cosmic atmosphere, sweet beats, and some heavy black lights, and you'll never want to leave.

3. Make a movie with your friends

If you're looking for an intentionally direct response to those who will ask you why you didn't attend prom, making a video with your friends might be the perfect solution. Instead of having to defend yourself, let the video speak for itself. Think music videos, improv, or even a short scripted piece if you have one.

4. Go to an amusement park

Amusement parks exist for the sole purpose of human happiness, so they are obviously a stellar alternative to going to prom. Get your adrenaline rush on some roller coasters, your fill of deep-fried goodness at the snack carts, and a giant smile on your face throughout the entirety of the night.

5. Attend a sports game

With most proms falling during the end of basketball and hockey seasons, as well as at the beginning of baseball season, you should be able to find tickets to an eventful sporting game on most days of the weekend this time of year. Make use of it.

6. Rock out at a concert

Prom music can suck. Go see some live musicians that you're actually into instead. Catch a small, local show where you can make your way to the front of the crowd, or go to a giant concert where you can scream your lungs out during the show. Either way, you're bound to have fun.

7. Take a camping trip

Prom falls on the weekend, so you can make use of this fact by planning out a camping trip with your friends over Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, instead of going to a one night-only prom. Pack some tents, some grub, and an adventurous attitude to take with you.

8. Dessert hop around town

Dessert hopping is exactly what it sounds like — trying out your favorite sweets at every open bakery in town. Make your sweet tooth happy, and see how many shops you can try in one night.

Images: {Salt of the Earth}, Blake Danger Bentley, Steve Hardy, Michael Barker Studio, Will Marlow, Werner Kunz, Turner Burns, iris, Let Ideas Compete/Flickr