The White House Dinner Could Be More Fun This Year

Now legal in Washington D.C., it's just in time for people to possibly bring weed to the White House Correspondents Dinner. The Washington Post has joked about how celebrities could technically bring weed to the dinner at the Washington Hilton on Saturday, writing that they could add it to their list of party favor options. The idea actually isn't that bad: What could possibly help politicians, viral YouTube stars, actors, and U.N. ambassadors loosen up more than weed?

Kimball Stroud, a consultant and party planner whom The Washington Post described as a "celebrity wrangler," said she hasn't encountered any requests for weed yet, but that she wouldn't be surprised if it became a common party treat. She told the newspaper:

D.C.’s new law is well known, and the new environment should make for interesting interactions on outdoor patios and terraces at private parties.

Because weed is legal in D.C., local legalization activist Adam Eidinger told the Post celebrities shouldn't have any problem getting it past Secret Service men, as long as it's under two ounces, of course.

And President Barack Obama has joked about weed before. At last year's dinner, he talked about marijuana legalization expanding across the country, specifically in Colorado, according to the White House website:

Colorado legalized marijuana this year, an interesting social experiment. I do hope it doesn’t lead to a whole lot of paranoid people who think that the federal government is out to get them, listening to their phone calls. That would be a problem.

He also joked about the effects of weed just last month at his speech for a Gridiron Club dinner in D.C., when he was getting more laughs from the crowd for his jokes than he did during his visit in 2013:

I’m not saying I’m any funnier, I’m saying weed is now legal in D.C.

Obama has never tried to deny his history with weed. He wrote about it in his 1995 memoir Dreams of My Father, and David Maraniss wrote about it in a 2012 biography called Barack Obama: The Story, according to ABC News. According to the biography, Obama's high school buddies were called "the Choom Gang," using a slang term for smoking pot.

But, really, when would it be a better time — or state of mind — to discuss Jay Wilds' ever-evolving story during and after the end of the Serial podcast? Or, maybe, what the offices of Facebook are really like. Oh, or — another great one — who at the dinner is the best, real life Jonah Ryan from Veep?

The possibilities would be endless.