14 Chalkboard DIY Projects That Prove This Trend Isn't Dying Any Time Soon

Look, I know you might be tired of the whole chalkboard DIY trend. And I feel you — if I see one more chalkboard wall in a home or office, I might scream. But chalkboard paint, vinyl, and stickers can still make some awesome crafts, and you won't have to sacrifice a wall or cover your house in chalking dust to do them. Chalkboard is a great crafting material for the broke and artsy, and chalk pens have really changed the game, y'all. Now you can enjoy the cuteness of chalkboard decor, and leave out the hassle of being chalky forever. Let these easy DIYs win you over.

Canvas Art

This has to be one of the coolest uses of chalkboard paint I’ve ever seen. And it’s an easy way to refresh your space with new chalk art every once in a while.

Image and tutorial: The Merry Thought

Bunting Banner

Make this one bunting banner, and you’ll never have to make another one — ‘cause you can use it over and over again!

Image and tutorial: Delia Creates

Reminder Clipboard

This is perfect for keeping track of your grocery list, and for holding coupons!

Image and tutorial: Anderson + Grant

Thought Bubble Magnets

Try to be an adult about the bubble above your sister’s head, hm?

Image and tutorial: Girl Loves Glam

Moveable Boxes

Adults have toys too, you know! OK, maybe just things we need to organize in awesome, moveable boxes (also toys).

Image and tutorial: A Beautiful Mess


Never again will that intern take your mug, because it will literally have your name (or a pithy quote) written all over it.

Image and tutorial: A Beautiful Mess

Color-Block Mason Jars

We could all use some cool, color-block mason jars for organizing pens or crochet needles or string cheese sticks.

Image and tutorial: Girl Loves Glam

Wine Bottles

You could use these as table markers for a shower or wedding, or as changeable decor.

Image and tutorial: Bell’alimento


Another chalkboard DIY for the green thumb among us.

Image and tutorial: A Beautiful Mess

Garden Labels

Even the craft-impaired could make these easy garden labels, and they could be used for an outdoor or indoor garden.

Image and tutorial: Handmade in the Heartland

Mason Jar Glasses

Party pro: you can serve drinks in cute mason jar glasses. Party con: forgetting which glass is yours. So, you might as well call these glasses “problem solved.”

Image and tutorial: A Beautiful Mess


This chalkboard necklace is genius. You could represent one of your many loves — your significant other, wine, Scandal, Ruth Bader Ginsburg — every week!

Image and tutorial: One Artsy Mama

Wine Glasses

Such a great idea for parties or Tuesday nights!

Image and tutorial: Just the Bees Knees

Lunch Box

This doesn’t even have to be for kids — this could just be for you or your significant other, or your roommate.

Image and tutorial: Repeat Crafter Me