'Daredevil' Season 2 Featuring The Owl Is A Real Possibility, Even Though — Spoiler — Leland Is Dead

After twelve long days of waiting, Netflix has renewed Daredevil for Season 2. Now, instead of simply dreaming about the possibility of a Season 2, we're going to get it for real, and it'll be coming our way in 2016. That gives us plenty of time to speculate as to what villains will will show up in Daredevil Season 2. Personally, I think the show's already started laying out the groundwork for another Marvel baddie to show up in Hell's Kitchen: The Owl.

I'm from the Marvel school of thought that if you talk about a character in the first act, he's gotta show up by the third, right? Well, Daredevil Season 1 spent a good chunk of time referencing someone we never saw on screen, Leland Owlsley's son, who was never give a first name (I could be wrong. I don't remember a name. Also I'm only on my second marathon of the show, and I know others are on their third and fourth by now). Owlsley's Son is talked about so much, I kind of expected him to show up during Daredevil's first outing. Now I'm almost certain he'll show up for the second round.

In the comics, Leland Owlsley is a wise banker, who is given the nickname "The Owl of Wall Street" because of his significant financial wisdom. He was so smart with money, he was able to steal a lot of it, actually. When his shady business ways were exposed, instead of facing justice, he hid in New York City and became a crime lord, of course. Also, with his surplus of money, he was able to purchase a serum so he could fly. Soon, The Owl and Daredevil were facing off time and time again in New York City. The Owl's also connected to a handful of other Marvel characters, including many run-ins with S.H.I.E.L.D. Introducing him to the world of Daredevil would make sense.

The Owlsley we see in Daredevil is a banker, yes, and he's a crime boss, yes, but no, he cannot fly. Owlsley also doesn't seem like the kind of guy who would be up for fighting Daredevil, you know? He and Daredevil actually have next to no contact throughout Season 1, and it seems like the character of The Owl has been completely wasted. Last we see Owlsley, he's lying motionless in what appears to be an abandoned shaft. And that's it. That's the end of The Owl.

Or, is it?

Let's go back to this son. Owlsley mentions a bunch of times that he wants to see his son. He mentions that he wants to retire, take some money, and spend time with his son. Owlsley mentions that his son is coming to NYC — but taking into account everything happening in Hell's Kitchen, he tells him to stay away because it's not safe.

So Owlsley's told his son (did he mention he had a son?) to stay away, and then Owlsley goes MIA. This younger Owlsley, wherever he is, is going to start to wonder what's going on, right? This guy is going to come looking for his father, only to find him killed by the Kingpin, and he's probably going to be pretty mad. He could be just mad enough to seek vengeance for his father. Maybe he'll buy a serum and he'll learn to fly! (OK, probably not this last one, but you never know.)

The fact is, Owlsley mentions his offspring just a few too many times for it to be meaningless. Considering that out of everything that happened in Daredevil, this one little thing has stuck with me, it feels like it's a small piece of a bigger idea. I really believe that the Daredevil have a grand plan in mind, and slowly setting up characters is absolutely part of it. They quietly introduced a second Owlsley without actually introducing him — brilliant. And I hope it comes true in the confirmed (!!) and totally happening Daredevil Season 2. So, Owl, see you soon?

Image: Barry Wetcher/Netflix; lynn-monstr/tumblr