The Jonas Brothers Are Officially Done

Looks like the rumors were true after all: In a statement to People magazine, the Jonas Brothers have announced that they're officially disbanding, nearly three weeks after canceling their tour due to a "deep rift within the band." There's no word on what exactly happened to cause that rift, but the brothers claim their decision was unanimous.

"It's over for now," Kevin Jonas commented to the magazine. His statement was pretty much echoed by younger brother, Nick Jonas, who said, "It's really hard to say 'forever,'" says Nick. "We're closing a chapter, for sure." As for Joe Jonas, his comment was more simple: "It was a unanimous decision."

The decision was reportedly made after a meeting held on Oct. 3, in which Nick shared his thoughts (and worries) about the future of the band. "I was feeling kind of trapped," Nick explained. "I needed to share my heart with my brothers."

Rumors that the band was breaking up began running wild a couple of weeks ago when their official Twitter was deactivated, amidst reports that Joe was suffering from a hardcore drug problem that was worrying everyone around him. Those rumors turned out not to be true, but a representative for the band commented that there was a "deep rift" between the brothers — but they didn't say whether or not the band was over for good. A week later, both Joe and Nick took to Twitter to address their fans, with Nick tweeting a simple "bear with us," and Joe tweeting "please hold while we get our shit together."

I guess they never did get their shit together, after all. That's pretty tragic.

In memoriam: The Jonas Brothers formed in 2005 when they were signed to Hollywood Records. They then went on to sell over 20 million albums worldwide, star in their own Disney channel series, and were even briefly called the second coming of The Beatles by none other than Lady Gaga. You will be missed.