The Jo Bros Just Broke Up... on Twitter

Sorry, Jonas Brothers fans — all 14 of you out there — but it looks like the band might indeed be breaking up. On Oct. 9, the band cancelled their tour just two days before it was supposed to kickoff, and now they have deactivated the official @JonasBrothers Twitter account. And it gets worse. (You guys doing okay? Should I get 14 tissues?)

When the tour was canceled, the Jonas Brothers' spokesman Jesse Derris talked about a "deep rift" in the band, as Bustle previously reported. So we might have to live in a world in which the Jonas Brothers are just that — brothers. Okay, so, admittedly, it would probably look a lot like the world we've been living in since 2010. But let's just hope that the boys are able to find something to do with their post-fame obscurity. (Maybe they should consult Hanson? Menudo? 5ive?)

So what's next? Well, Joe could probably continue dating — and breaking up with via phone — celebrities for at least a few years. Maybe he can settle down and marry one, get a nice reality show out of it. It'd have to be more interesting than Kevin's Married to Jonas. The eldest Jonas will likely spend his time trying (and failing) to inject some personality into his wife Danielle — oh, and raising the new cast member that they're expecting. As for Nick — well, he's young, but he also had a side project at one point and is arguably the most talented. Maybe he can actually enjoy a solo career.

Good luck JoBros, and good luck to all you fans too. I suggest you find somewhere to hold support group meetings. Someone's living room should suffice.