Lindsay Lohan's Instagram Game Is Not On Fleek

by Kadeen Griffiths

In the latest installment of celebrities are people too — or, in this case, of celebrities are drunk college students too — Lindsay Lohan has made a mistake that every person with a tattoo in another language hopes never, ever happens to them. On Tuesday, Lohan posted an Arabic message on Instagram that she thought meant one thing when it really meant something very, very different. I mean, what she was trying to say was actually really sweet, but the Arabic text that accompanied it was more insulting than anything else. Basically, her inspirational photo finding skills were not at their best that particular day, and I can only hope at this point that she hasn't gotten it tattooed yet.

The post, which has since been deleted, was supposed to read You're Beautiful in Arabic. However, as Instagram and Twitter users were quick to point out to the starlet, the script actually read, "You're a donkey." (That's the literal translation. Apparently, in that context, it means, "You're an ass.") Lohan swiftly deleted the post, but everything lasts forever on the Internet and people are still gleefully admonishing her for the mistake. Why she is on some sort of Arabic language kick lately has yet to be explained, but the gaffe will live on in infamy.

I don't waste a lot of time trying to defend Lindsay Lohan, because that would just be exhausting considering how often her name is tied to negative press. However, this seems like a silly thing to be dragging her through the mud over. Who doesn't know someone who knows someone who thought they were getting an inspirational message tattooed on their body in Arabic or Chinese or Sanskrit, only to find out that the now-permanent phrase is wildly offensive or insulting or just plain wrong? As far as I'm concerned, Lohan already has a leg up in that she just dug up the wrong image on the Internet rather than making "You're a donkey," a permanent fixture on her skin.

It's such a simple mistake, and yet the Internet is awash in people cackling at Lohan as if she has walked out of the bathroom with toilet paper stuck to her shoe. I get that Lohan isn't doing a whole lot — career wise, that is — so this is considered "news," but I don't think such a big deal needs to be made about the mistake that people need to be saying that she has embarrassed herself completely or that she needs to stop trying to speak.

Hopefully, this too shall pass just like most news about Lohan — usually negative, yes, but fleeting because there are more interesting things to talk about. So the Arabic phrase didn't mean what she thinks it means; she clearly got the message, considering she deleted the post. How about we just let the subject end there?