Sandra Bullock Talks Motherhood In Her "Most Beautiful" Feature & Her Advice For Her Son Applies To Everyone

People magazine has released its 2015 list of the world's most beautiful people and this year, Sandra Bullock was named "Most Beautiful Woman." She's one of the movie industry's most bankable stars and can steer any project, from slapstick comedies to Oscar-worthy dramas to box office gold. But it's not just her star power that makes her People's number one choice, it's her genuine down-to-earth nature. In the cover story, Bullock opens up about embracing the skin that she's in and focuses mainly on being a good mother to her son, Louis, by teaching the importance of loving yourself.

In true Bullock fashion, she also has a great sense of humor about her new title, in fact she laughed at the news and commented, "I've told no one." It turns out being able to laugh has done Bullock plenty of good over the years and she's passing this idea down to Louis. She shared with People,

I was putting [my son] to bed and told him that even when I'm old and gray and more wrinkly than I am now, I'll still love him and want to tuck him in. And he asked why I have wrinkles, and I said, "Well, I hope some of them are from laughing so much." And he touched my face and said, "You're not old, you're just happy."

And with that, Sandra Bullock became the life coach we've all been looking for... sorry, Oprah.

So what does the most beautiful person in the world find beautiful? It's exactly what you'd expect, "What is beautiful is the honor of being Louis' mother," she says. It is a small sentiment that speaks volumes about the kind of person and role model that Sandra Bullock is, and again highlights just how outstanding and important her voice is in Hollywood. She cares less about being "hot" and more about being a good person. Her words aren't just positive when it comes to motherhood, they're good advice for living.

The simplest words of wisdom Sandra Bullock shares with her son are indeed her most powerful, she often reminds him, "Always love those who want to love you back and are nice to you." That's certainly something we all need to hear a little more often, eh?