Aziz Ansari Is Getting His Own Netflix Show & Here Are 7 Obvious Reasons Why He Deserves It

If you're a fan of comedy, no doubt you're familiar with the wonderful Aziz Ansari. Whether you have watched his stand-up for years, or only came to love him during his time as Tom Haverford on Parks & Recreation , there's plenty of his hilariousness to go around. And now, there's about to be even more, since it was just announced that Ansari will star in a new Netflix comedy series that's already been given a ten episode green light. Amazing news, and something that should have happened ages ago.

The as yet unnamed series will see Ansari reunited with Parks & Recreation co-creator Mike Schur and co-executive producer Alan Yang, which basically guarantees that it's going to be awesome. While we don't actually know what the show will be about, we do know that, along with Ansari, there will be lots of other familiar (and funny) faces sharing the screen, including Jon Benjajmin, Eric Wareheim, and Lena Waithe. You excited yet?

With Ansari in the starring role, our screens will not only be full of laughs once again (and THANK GOD — I was seriously missing Parks & Rec), but he'll have a chance to show off his brilliance center stage rather than in a supporting role. We all know he deserves it.

Here are seven reasons Ansari is ready to be a star in his own right.

1. He's Hilarious

Ansari has been in the comedy game for a long time, and he's honed his craft to perfection. According to IMDB, he's got an impressive 43 acting credits to his name, and he's used each and every one of those experiences to learn every element of comedy. Hands down, he's really, really good at what he does.

2. He's Paid His Dues

Sure, he's a fantastic supporting player — he can bring out the best in anyone he works with, which is a gift in and of itself. He's spent years taking on smaller roles both on TV and on the big screen, so this starring role is well-earned.

3. He's in Touch with Pop Culture

If there's one thing that's painful to watch, it's a star who's really not into the scene they're a part of. Ansari is not ashamed to say he loves pop culture and everything about the entertainment business, so he knows what's relevant and what isn't. Most likely, he'll make his love of Hollywood a big part of his role.

4. He Genuinely Loves What He Does

You don't slog through stand-up clubs and struggle to make it in Hollywood without loving what you do a whole lot. Even as his star has been on the rise, Ansari has continued to write and perform new stand-up sets (and take them on tour), showing how dedicated he is to his roots.

5. He's Unabashedly Honest

Part of what makes Ansari so funny is that he says what we're all thinking, whether or not we want to admit it — and whether or not anyone else wants to hear it. It's refreshing to see a comedian that's honest without being cruel and knows how to make even the most uncomfortable topics hilarious.

6. He's Got Friends in High Places

While this may not seem like a big deal on its own, I'd like to point out something important: having so many famous friends comes in handy, especially when it comes not only to promoting a show, but also guest starring on it. Ansari doesn't need bigger names than his to carry a series, of course, but it certainly helps and makes for a lot of on screen fun.

7. He's Clearly a Star

I mean, come on. Right?

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