Jessie James Decker's 13 Best Style Moments

I first became a fan of Jessie James Decker from watching her E! reality show with football player hubby Eric Decker. Her witty sense of humor combined with her down to earth, real-girl sense of style made her totally relatable (at least IMO), and I've had a girl crush on her ever since. There's no doubt that Jessie James Decker has a killer fashion sense, and even though she has been knocking it out of the park on the red carpet lately, her casual day-to-day looks are always my personal favorite.

One thing I really loved from her two seasons on TV were her laid-back fashion looks, which made me feel like I could literally pull them out of my screen and wear them on my next casual shopping trip, or maybe to the bar that night. I was, of course, super excited when I leaned of her new clothing and swimwear lines, and was pleasantly surprised with the end results, which include some pretty cute staple designs.

Throughout the years that JJD has been in the public eye, her style has evolved quite a bit (naturally), but she still keeps true to her Southern roots. In celebration of this rising fashion star, which she clearly is, let's take a look at all of Jessie James Decker's best personal style moments and why they're awesome.

1. She Can Do High-Fashion

This coat is totally runway ready.

2. Jumpsuits Are Her Thing

Even though she's petite, she manages to pull of this long-legged style.

3. She Does Casual Better Than Anyone

This is "cool-girl" style at its utmost perfection.

4. And Downtown-Chic, Too

Her style totally evolves per the city she is in. This look is signature downtown NYC to a T.

5. She Knows How To Style UGGS

This cute comfy look makes her oh-so-cozy footwear pop.

6. She Bargain Shops And Still Looks Trendy

She makes Forever21 looks seriously high end.

7. No One Rocks Rompers Better

And pairing them with heels makes her legs look super long.

8. Southern Gal Uniform: Flannels & Denim Cut-Offs

If you're a true fan of Jessie, you know this is her go-to.

9. Her Accessories Are Always On Fleek

Her signature top-knotted bandana is super cute.

10. She's Not Afraid To Do Leopard

Such a risk taker.

11. She Channels Carrie Bradshaw In SATC

This makes me love her even more.

12. She Turns Casual Into Formal

She sure loves those flannels of hers.

13. She Does Actual Formalwear On The Red Carpet, Too

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This is probably my favorite red carpet look of all time, pregnant or not.

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