Can I Touch It? 6 Backhanded Compliments About Your Hair, And How To Respond

Compliments are nice! I will take a nice, earnest compliment from a friend any day of the week, but when it comes to appearances, it's touch-and-go. Everybody has opinions, but sometimes a well-intentioned compliment or comment from a stranger can feel intrusive -- and, well, the opposite of a compliment. And, let's face it: there are plenty of annoying things people have said about your hair.

That's why it's easy to go on the defensive when a stranger comments on your 'do. Chances are, as a woman, you've dealt with many years of unsolicited feedback on your appearance. A "compliment" might really mean: "You don't adhere to the beauty standards that I believe in." It might mean: "I'm creepily hitting on you." And somewhere in there, it might genuinely mean: "I like your hair." But whether you're curly, straight, natural, relaxed, braided, or just plain experimental, you choose to wear your hair in the way that makes you feel comfortable and works with your lifestyle.

To navigate this ambiguity, we've partnered with OGX to come up with sassy responses to backhanded compliments, questions, and "suggestions" from strangers. What questions do you get the most, and how do you respond?

This piece is sponsored by OGX Beauty.

Image: Martin de Witte / Flickr; Illustrations: Kate Holley