Celebs Are Celebrating Earth Day & Using Their Exposure To Encourage Others To Protect Our Beautiful Planet

Some might consider Wednesday hump day or halfway through the work week, but this Wednesday is a very special one. Why? It is the 45th anniversary of Earth Day! Even though we should be protecting our planet every day of the year, Earth Day is the one day where eco-awareness is raised and many gather to promote a good cause for our planet. Well, many celebrities are participating in Earth Day this year and hoping to use their fame encourage others to speak up for our environment and its creatures.

For example, Sophia Bush is an eco-activist, who goes above and beyond for the environment — and not just on Earth Day. Basically, she is the superhero we all need when it comes to benefitting the Earth. Like Bush, celebs are taking to social media to celebrate Earth Day. From sharing words of wisdom to posting beautiful pictures to participating in campaigns, celebrities are showing April 22 all kinds of love.

With that said, here are a few tweets and Instagram photos shared by some of your favorite stars that will hopefully encourage you to show kindness to our home on Earth Day, and, of course, on every day of the year too.

Happy Earth Day!