Mary Katrantzou & Matches Fashion Pair Up

Another day, another win for Mary Katrantzou, who is teaming up with Matches Fashion. The designer has had quite a year — from a veritable parade of red carpet style, to winning the BFC/Vogue prize in London — and she's designed a capsule collections with Adidas as well as absolutely gorgeous costumes for the New York City Ballet. Suffice it to say, her latest collaboration with Matches Fashion is the newest addition to a long line of sartorial victories.

The new limited edition collection plays off of the typography theme from the Mary Katrantzou Resort 2015 collection — each bag is a different letter of the alphabet, and they're each done in a completely unique style: Just going off of my own initials, R has a more stark and modern feel with an angular retro R in the center, aside a swan and some yellow irises, while N is much more colorful and playful with zebras, red lizards.

This new match made in heaven is great for more than one reason, too. In addition to creating absolutely to-die-for handbags, they also had what might just be one of the most stylish launch parties of the year. So, let's take a look at the attendees first, and the bags next!

Jenny Slate and Gillian Jacobs

Jenny absolutely killed it in this embellished bodycon number, while Gillian really worked the heck out of those colorful (really colorful) prints.

Michelle Monaghan

Michelle's lucky she's got alliterative M initials — the M tote might be one of the coolest in the entire collection!

Jena Malone

Usually I'm not necessarily a huge fan of matchy-matchy things like matching your hair color to your dress, but in this case it really works — and her cat-eye game is off the charts.

Kiernan Shipka

Kiernan here kind of won the party with her sequined birds and her kelly green K clutch.

The Tote Bags

Gorgeous, right? The totes retail for $1,070, so they're not exactly in reach for most of us, but they sure are pretty to look at.

Images: marykatrantzou/Instagram