Woman Asks 100 Random Guys To Have Sex With Her, And The Responses Aren't All What You'd Expect — VIDEO

There's a general stereotype that women can easily elicit consensual sex from men, whereas it's much harder for men to do the same with women. For the most part, that is absolutely true and correct. I mean, I've been to bars as a single person. I know from the ratio of men I've rejected to the ratio that have rejected me that 95% of the time, they fail, and 100% of the time, I win. Dudes are, to completely and unfairly employ stereotypes, an easy lay (which we obviously mean in the most congratulatory way possible because MEN). But my theory was put to the test by this woman who asked 100 random guys to have sex with her. While many said yes, I was actually shocked by the number that not only said no, but thought it was WEIRD to approach someone that way. Huh, guess not all stereotypes are true!

This video just goes to show that all men are not the disgusting filth sex monsters we sometimes mistake them for, and that they're actually people with feelings who are capable of rational thought that doesn't include whatever their penis is screaming at them from inside its pantsy prison. That being said, I'd still argue women have much more sense than men when randomly approached for sex:

Watch her ask the full 100 men below and see how many dudes respond "yes" vs. "no way, man!"

The reactions of the dudes approached in the video ranged from:






Images: YouTube(2); Giphy(5)