Mila Kunis Is Being Sued For Allegedly Stealing A Pet Chicken Named Doggie — UPDATE

In what is probably the strangest thing you'll hear this Wednesday, Mila Kunis is being sued for stealing a pet chicken. For real. This is not a joke. According to TMZ, an alleged former best friend from the Ukraine, where Kunis was born, named Kristina Karo is accusing the That '70s Show actress of stealing her beloved pet chicken. The strangest part? (Yes, this gets even weirder.) Apparently, Kunis took the chicken 25 years ago while in first grade. Bustle has reached out to Kunis for comment, but has not yet heard back.

(Update: Mila Kunis denied the claims she stole Karo's chicken in a video she released later in the day on Wednesday, April 22.)

Per Karo, Kunis wanted a chicken, named Doggie, for herself. In the lawsuit, Karo reportedly says she loved her chicken like a dog. She also claims that Kunis loved Doggie so much, she stole it, and even admitted to the clucking crime by saying, "Kristina, you can have any other chicken as a pet, you have a whole chicken farm."

Obviously, this made Karo emotional and she even claims she had to go to therapy. So, why is she suing the actress 25 years later? Karo now lives in Los Angeles, where she is pursuing a singing career, and because she is so close to Kunis all the tragic chicken stealing memories have returned. Reportedly, she is back in therapy, because she's reliving the horrific moment.

So, Karo is allegedly looking to Kunis to fork over $5,000 for emotional distress and to help pay for her therapy sessions. If that isn't enough, Karo is reportedly blaming Kunis for holding her back when it comes to "pursuing the American dream."