#FatherDaughterRelationshipGoals Achieved

by Kaitlin Reilly

Few shows captured the hearts of its audience and held on quite as tightly as Veronica Mars. The modern noir drama may have lasted for a mere three seasons (and one later-in-life movie), but we still haven't shaken the world of Neptune or grown any less attached to the characters. Though most Marshmallows have soft spots for characters like Logan and Wallace, anyone will tell you that the reason for watching the show has way more to do with the titular Veronica and Keith Mars, her dad, than with any of the other men in Veronica's life. There's no other TV father and daughter duo that's quite as loyal or loving as these two snarky private investigators, and watching the show makes us all aspire toward way higher parent-kid relationship goals.

Veronica and Keith proved that you can be best friends with your parent in a real way without them forgetting that they are your parent or that you are their child. There were plenty of amazing Mars moments on the mystery-drama, and we'd be here all day if we had to list them all, but, for now, here are the seven best moments from Keith and Veronica Mars that made you wish you could achieve their #RelationshipGoals.

When Veronica Chose Her Dad Over Her Friends

In the pilot episode, it's revealed that Veronica had to make a decision between staying popular or staying loyal to her father, whom her classmates believed botched the Lily Kane murder investigation. She chose to stay true to her dad and was instantly ostracized.

When Keith Saves Veronica's Life

After discovering that it was Aaron Echolls who murdered Lily, Veronica goes to hunt him down — only to have the killer trap Veronica in a freezer and then set it on fire. Of course, Keith Mars comes to her rescue like the awesome dad he is.

When Veronica Destroys The Paternity Test

Because she doesn't need a test to prove that Keith is her dad.

When Keith Gives Veronica This Speech


When Keith Saw Through Troy's Crap

Sure, Troy seemed nice at the time... until he turned out to be a drug addict and pathological liar. Sometimes, a dad just knows.

When Veronica And Keith Reunited After The Plane Crash

After Cassidy bombs the plane that Keith was supposed to be on, Veronica thinks he's dead — and their reunion is such a relief.

When They Tried To Out-Sass Each Other

You wish your dad was as witty as Keith.

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