The Force Awakens Within This Baby As He's Lulled To Sleep By The Dark Side - VIDEO

Star Wars has been on our minds a lot lately. With The Force Awakens trailer coming out recently, people are binge-rewatching Star Wars like never before. Some people can't stop talking about the latest teaser, while others are still harboring bad feelings about the first Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer. Regardless of what side you're on, the trailers brought up some pressing questions, like: Is Luke Skywalker narrating the new Star Wars trailer?

We still have a while until The Force Awakens comes out, so in the mean time we're going to need some entertainment. Preferably, from the dark side. Enter: an adorable baby and Darth Vader. I know you thought that Darth Vader wasn't great with kids. Understandably, the whole "Luke, I am your father" twist definitely set him back a bit. More like, "Luke, I am your deadbeat father," am I right? Anyway, after watching this video, though, Darth Vader has been redeemed in my mind. He's got a way with babies—or at least, his creepy breathing patterns do. Darth Vader's done enough penance that this video puts his over the edge in my books.

He's not on the dark side anymore. Or, maybe he is and I've just joined him? Aren't we all on the dark side a little?

Let's reel it in before I have an existential crisis. Darth Vader is literally the only thing that will soothe this crying baby:

Buddy Crotty on YouTube

The baby goes from distressed to yawning within 3 Darth Vader breaths. That is some kind of parenting miracle. Also, when that baby yawns? I just can't. Just... no.

.... And am I the only one intently watching the corgi in the background?

For a side-by-side comparison, here's the latest Force Awakens trailer:

Star Wars on YouTube


I see the validity in soothing your baby via daunting Darth Vader breaths. If it works for you, all the best. But when I have kids, I don't think I want them going to the dark side that early. I certainly want the force to be with them. But like, not Vader style.

Here are 5 Star Wars characters I'd much prefer to have soothe the crying baby in the video:

1. Chewy

That hair though...

Chewy is the obvious choice. He's soft, cuddly and the sounds he makes could be construed as comforting. Chewy would protect a baby at all costs and be the baby's daily comic relief.

2. C-3PO

3PO would make a great babysitter. He's kind and would gladly listen to a child's problems over a glass of warm, skim milk. But he'd also run a tight ship, have the baby in bed by 9, well-swaddled and all. C-3PO is to Star Wars as Zazu is to The Lion King, which proves this arrangement would work.

3. Princess Leia

She'd have maternal instincts, but would never just sit at home watching the baby. Which is why she'd make a great caretaker, because she'd bring the baby with her. I can already picture the live action sequence of her kicking down storm troopers with a baby on her back. Bad a$$.

4. The Ewoks

Sure, they're completely crazy, but a stuffed animal IRL could really soothe a child. And their gibberish might give me a headache, but it would definitely make the dark side baby laugh.

5. Hans Solo

I'm sorry, did I say care for my baby? I meant have my baby.

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