12 Pretzel Desserts To Make National Pretzel Day Taste Extra Sweet

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Pretzels are always a go-to snack. They're salty and crunchy, and somehow always just seem to be there. Soft pretzels are the real MVPs, and don't get me started on pretzel rolls — although do you have any? I'll take them! What I'm saying is, pretzels are versatile and amazing, and as for pretzel desserts? You know you're in for a wonderful time. And on National Pretzel Day, what more could you want?

But aside from chocolate covered, you don't see much of pretzels on the dessert side of things. And why leave them out, when they have so much more to offer? The possibilities, it turns out, are endless. Try one of these 12 delicious pretzel desserts in honor of National Pretzel Day, because dessert can be just as salty as it is sweet!

Image: A Cozy Kitchen

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