Beyonce Just Gave This Girl The Best Selfie Of All Time — OF ALL TIME!

You know we're big fans of Beyoncé — of course we are, we are human beings with eyes and ears and the ability to tell when someone is a goddess sent down to supply us with sweet, sweet tunes. We live our daily lives sending vibes out into the atmosphere in an effort to get Beyoncé to be our friend. Which is why Beyoncé photo-bombing this girl at her concert is both the best thing that's ever happened in the universe and the most completely heart-crushing, because she still won't return our phone calls and emails.

Look, respect to all the other selfies out there in the universe, but this one most definitely deserves the award for best selfie of all time. OF ALL TIME. In fact, all the other selfies shouldn't even see that as an insult, and should in fact be honored to even be included in yet another genre that Beyoncé dominates.

Whoever that non-Beyoncé human is in that photo, we offer our hearty congratulations. First, because Beyoncé was like thisclose to you which means you'll probably smell really good for the rest of your life. Second, because you will forever be the girl that Beyoncé photo-bombed, and there is no higher honor.

Images: BeyonceKnowles