Grace Coddington's Book Could've Been A Sony Movie

Leave it to Wikileaks to spill all the secrets. A leaked email sent from Sony executive, Adam North, revealed the company's possible interest in adapting Grace: A Memoir for a film. Yes, Vogue fans: according to Fashionista, Grace Coddington's memoir could've been a movie! So, is it too late?

Although this email was sent almost two years ago, there isn't a more appropriate time to make it happen than now. The memoir (written by Grace Coddington herself, obviously) highlighted her life from being a former model to a well-respected executive. Although she's already made a huge name for herself in the fashion world, Coddington still continues to make artistic leaps as the Creative Director of Vogue. The question is: why isn't this movie in production yet?

At the time, North was writing to Amy Pascal, former Co-Chairman of Sony Pictures. It's obvious that North really wanted to push for Coddington's inspiring memoir. He explained, "To me, the book is the story of a girl who came from humble beginnings, became a model - wherein she was an objectified observer of the creative processes of the fashion world - and then moved into fashion editing as she aged, where she found a way to take control of that world and exert her power, taste, and influence over it. There's something interesting about a woman going from being a model (on one end of the feminist spectrum) to being an executive."

I definitely agree with you there, North. The fashion world needs a movie like this!

Furthermore, he also wrote, "I think the world of the book - from running around London and Paris in the 60's and 70's to helping run Vogue in NYC now and her relationship with Anna Wintour - is totally enthralling and rife with opportunities for fun cinematic moments, great characters, etc."

Even if a movie wasn't in mind, North said that a TV show could be possible, writing, "There's so much detail, so many small stories (fashion shoots, her many boyfriends, etc.) that one film doesn't seem like enough time to spend with this character/world." Totally! He also claimed in the email that Abi Morgan, screenwriter and playwright who worked on The Iron Lady and Shame, was "attached to adapt for film." So basically, if this movie eventually does come into production, Meryl Streep has to play Coddington, right? Like, it would be wrong if she didn't.

But before I get too excited, it's been two years, and the film still hasn't happened. Not to worry though, just because the potential film didn't happen in 2013, it doesn't mean that it won't happen at all. I mean, North did open up the email with, "I do think that this project with her is worth considering for the future." And according to Fashionista, North's Linkedin says that he now serves at Sony not as a junior executive, but a creative executive. So, yes, there is hope.

On a side note, Grace Coddington celebrated her 74th birthday two days ago. Maybe there will be a movie in the works for the big 75? That would be the best birthday present ever, for all of us.

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