3 Reasons Why Chia Seeds Are Good For Your Hair

by Madison Alcedo

You might have heard that chia seeds can be good for skin, but did you know the benefits of chia seeds for hair are just as awesome? Set your coconut oil aside and prepare to try a new product that you can also pick up at your local grocery store. You may have tried them on top of your yogurt or blended into a smoothie, but you're about to slather chia seeds onto your hair and like it.

If you've walked through a Whole Foods lately, you've probably seen an endless amount of food and drink brands flouting the fact that there are chia seeds in their products. If it's good for our insides, it must be good for our skin and our hair, right? You are correct, young grasshopper. Whether you're already a proponent of the natural/organic food movement or you're just looking for new ways to help your hair shine bright like a diamond, here are 3 reasons chia seeds are great for your mane.

1. Chia Seeds Can Help Your Hair Grow

Hair and chia seeds have a major thing in common: protein. Our hair is made up of a protein called keratin while chia seeds are made up of about 23 percent protein. So you're not only ingesting fiber with chia seeds, but you are ingesting their protein, which helps thicken your hair.

Another way to help your hair grow with chia seeds is by making a hydrating hair mask of chia, water, almond or coconut milk, and lemon. When added with other ingredients like water, chia seeds form a gel-type texture that works well as a hair mask. You can find the recipe at Beauty Glimpse.

2. Chia Seeds Can Make Your Hair Shiny

Because chia seeds provide all the essential amino-acids in a ready-to-eat form, they go great in different types of food. Dr. Oz has an awesome chia smoothie recipe that you can drink instead of applying to your hair, which, let's face it, could get messy. It's a "green" smoothie meaning it mainly consists of green, leafy vegetables, but while you're drinking your daily amount of vegetables, just remember those chia seeds in there will be working to make your hair shiny.

3. Chia Seeds Can Delay Your Hair From Graying

Chia seeds are not only filled with amino-acids and antioxidants, they are also filled with copper, zinc, and iron. But the most important element we need to focus on in chia seeds is the copper it provides for our bodies and our hair.

Along with their amino acids (which promote hair growth), chia's copper elements can also help with your tresses, specifically combatting unwanted gray hairs. Copper inhibits the production of melanin, which is known for bringing your hair back to its natural color and delaying any graying. You learned it here, first: chia seeds can help delay your gray hair. Thanks for keeping us young, chia seeds.

Of course, you probably need to use chia seeds in some capacity every single day in order to really see the benefits of them in your hair. But once you get into the habit of adding them into foods or using the hair mask once a week, I am sure you will start to see the results of the chia seeds' natural (and healthy) powers.

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