Ways To Improve Your Relationship Right Now

Sometimes we can get carried away with life and get swept up in the day to day, going from to A to B without a blink of an eye. We have our routines and we stick to them and as a result, we can become passengers of our lives, instead of being in the driver’s seat. More unfortunately, this happens often with our partners, when we should really be working every day to improve our relationships. In the very beginning, we are so amped about our partner, we show them our affection each and every way. We send sweet lovey-dovey text messages, we leave little love notes on his or her car, and we even take a sexy selfie or two.

And then life happened, reality hit, and the honeymoon stage faded. Our sweet text messages are now text messages asking to stop at the grocery store after work. And those love notes we once left, are now notes asking your partner to feed the dog. This trend of trying a little less as your relationship grows occurs in most relationships and is totally normal. However, just because it might be common doesn’t mean that we have to settle for it.

So, here’s to putting in a little more effort into our relationship today. Here’s to letting our partners know we care by our own actions. And here’s to stopping to smell the roses in our relationship, and maybe giving them as well.

1. Compliment your partner

A compliment can go a long way, if you ask me. There’s nothing like walking out the door to work and hearing your significant other tell you how beautiful/handsome you look. It just gives you that little boost of confidence you needed, and lets you know your partner's admiration towards you. Tell your lover how bright, beautiful, wonderful, kind he or she is. Actions don’t always speak louder than words.

2. Think positively about your significant other

It all starts with your own thoughts. If you wake up in the morning and have a couple of negative feelings about your partner, you’ve already woken up on the wrong side of the relationship bed. You have to think positive to act positive. Therefore, start the day off by thinking of your 3 favorite attributes of your mate. This positivity will shine through you the whole day, and your partner will be sure to feel it.

3. Touch

Being physically close with your partner can bring you emotionally closer as well. Remember when you used to cuddle while watching House of Cards or when you used to hug your man/woman when he/she got from work? These small acts of touching makes a world of difference. So, go on, and get your touch on.

4. Do something nice or special

Doing something nice for your partner without any intention of getting something in return can be quite wonderful. It doesn’t have to be a holiday for you to buy a thoughtful gift for your boo. Writing your love a sweet card letting him or her know how much you care is worth way more than it costs. Surprise your significant other by doing something nice and you will see how nice it will make your relationship feel.

5. Ask for what you want

One way to improve your relationship is to communicate your wants and needs. It’s crucial that you are being heard in your partnership. First, that starts with you speaking up. If there is something you feel that you are not getting from your mate, ask for it. Whether that is more affection, more privacy, or more sex, speak your piece.

6. Change it up in the bedroom

Change can do us some good. This applies to bedroom activities as well. Put the spiciness into your sex game. Sex isn’t the only part of a relationship, but it’s a huge component of maintaining intimacy and connectedness. Sometimes all you need is a good lay with your mate to bring you two back to feeling close again. So test out a new position with your partner, or try out a fantasy that he or she has always wanted. Have fun with it! I’m sure you will.

7. Live in the past

I know people say you should live in the present moment, but sometimes you got to let the past have its time to shine. Talking about fond memories can bond you to together and make you feel those same feelings once again. You could even take it one step further and relive one of your first dates together. In this instance, don’t leave the past in the past.

Image: Sam Liang/Flickr, GIFs/Giphy