11 Reasons Chris Soules Will Be A Great Dad

The trap every engaged Bachelor couple falls into is that everyone wants to know when the happy pair is going to have kids. Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff want children, it's true, but they're taking things slow for the time being. However, when they do eventually have babies, Chris Soules is going to be the best dad. The 33-year-old is one of three, and his two sisters mean everything to him. Growing up in such a small town in Iowa, the Soules clan has stayed close over the years. His family can often be seen attending his Dancing With the Stars performances, and it's clear from his Instagram posts that Chris loves hanging with his family.

The closeness with his family likely makes him want one of his own. Now that he and Whitney are engaged, they're on their way to making that come true. The couple wants to move back to Iowa and get married first, but then Chris says he wants a large family. "I'm shooting for four," he told Reality TV World, before joking, "Got nothing else to do in a small town, so you might as well just keep having kids."

But small town or not, Chris Soules is going to be an excellent father when the time comes because of these 11 reasons.

1. He's Really Close With His Own Parents

He learned from the best!

2. And Family Is Important to Him

He's used to being around his own nieces and nephews, and watching his sisters raise their kids. He has a ton of mentors in his life.

3. He Doesn't Mind Being a Jungle Gym

That'll come in handy when he has four of his own.

4. He'd Be Able to Make Them a Corn Maze

Living on a farm presents a lot of cool playtime activities.

5. He's Really Good With His Nieces and Nephews

If he's that in love with his niece, imagine him with a kid of his own. It's too adorable.

6. He Still Loves Going to High School Football Games

So you know he's going to be pumped when his own kids are at that school.

7. He Wants Someone to Teach the Family Business To

Chris inherited his land from his dad, and his own kids will get that chance to learn the family trade too.

8. He's Not Afraid to Be Goofy

I imagine he'll delight (and embarrass) his children with his overall silliness.

9. He's Got the Dad Dancing Down

I'm pretty sure being a dorky dancer is a prerequisite for having children.

10. He's Going to Be an Awesome Halloween Dad

I always wished my dad would dress up with us for Halloween. Fortunately, Chris has no qualms with donning funny costumes.

11. He Can Work Through Pain

When Chris injured his leg, he still performed on DWTS. Having children changes your life, and suddenly you have to keep parenting even when you're sick, or tired, or hurt. Chris has the ability to push through adversity and keep a smile on his face. That's how I know he's going to be an excellent parent when the time comes.

Image: Martha Sorren/Bustle