7 Adorable Chris Soules & Whitney Bischoff Moments, Because This 'Bachelor' Couple Is Still Going Strong — PHOTOS

It's been a month since the finale of The Bachelor aired, so are Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff's still together? And how is their relationship holding up today? From what I can gather based on social media, the couple is actually doing really well. It's sadly not unusual for a Bachelor pair to split shortly after the finale airs. All those months spent apart while the show is airing can wreak havoc on the bonds built during the course of the season. But the latest Bachelor couple seems more than happy together. So, what better way to start your week than with Chris and Whitney's cutest moments?

So far, the couple has already beaten out several former Bachelor pairings who split up before the finale or shortly afterwards. It's nice to see them doing so well, even with Chris Soules being occupied with Dancing With the Stars, his latest reality show venture. Former Bachelor Sean Lowe admitted that his run on DWTS almost ended his relationship with Cahtherine Giudici, because the long practice hours got in the way of them trying to forge their own relationship, but the newest Bachelor couple is determined that nothing will get in their way — not even DWTS.

Chris and Whitney are looking happier than ever as evidenced by these cute post-finale moments. Try to contain your squealing.

When He Dedicated a Dance to Her

Ahead of his DWTS rumba, Soules posted to Instagram that the dance was for Whitney and that, because of her, "it will be my best performance yet." So sweet.

When They Showed Some PDA

The new couple shared a cute date night kiss a couple of weeks after the finale.

When They Celebrated Going Public

There's nothing better for a fledgling Bachelor pair than the moment they finally get to stop hiding.

When Whitney Supported His DWTS Efforts

She's there every week in the audience, cheering on her dancing farmer. She even moved to L.A. to be closer to her fiancé during his run on the show.

When They Posted Matching Pics of Their Engagement

It was such a special moment that they wanted to remember it twice!

When Chris Calls Her "My Love"

Cutest nickname ever.

When They're Just Hanging Out

The true test of a Bachelor couple is whether they can make the mundane moments matter, too. Life isn't always going to be fancy dinners and fireworks displays. But it seems like Chris and Whitney are just as happy chilling on the couch on a lazy Sunday as they are during a night on the town. All of this bodes well for their continued success as a couple, and I can't wait to see more photographic evidence of their adorableness.

Image: Nicole Kohl/ABC