Robert Downey Jr. & 9 Other Celebrities Who Walked Out Of Interviews & Made The World Cringe — VIDEOS

By now, you've probably seen the super awkward Robert Downey Jr. interview gone bad. If not, here's a refresher: Robert Downey Jr. walked out of an interview after being asked personal questions about his past, instead of the reporter focusing on his upcoming move, Avengers: Age Of Ultron. The UK's Channel 4 interview walkout is now, of course, posted online for everyone to watch and cringe at. Though it is incredibly uncomfortable to watch, Downey Jr. can at least take comfort in knowing he is far from the first celebrity to decide to walk away from an interview.

From Joan Rivers' epic rant and walkout after a CNN interviewer questioned her style of humor and her fashion choices, to Shia LaBeouf walking out of a press conference after being questioned about his movie's explicit sex scenes, it's not uncommon at all for celebrities to leave when they have had their fill of questions. Maybe saying "no comment" just is not enough for some subjects? In any case, Downey Jr. is now in the good company of celebrities who made no secret of wanting to regain more control of the questions asked. And by regain control, they mean no more questions, please. (And sometimes without the "please.") Check out the round up below of some memorable moments of celebrities walking out.

Joan Rivers

CNN on YouTube

The late, great comedienne walked out of what she called a "defense interview" with CNN in the summer of 2014, after the reporter asked about criticism Rivers received for not only her jokes but also her choice to wear fur.

Rita Ora

Associated Press on YouTube

The pop singer was game to answer questions about her new fragrance and music. But as soon as the reporter brought up ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris, the interview ended quite abruptly. And she's not the only one to leave after being asked about her love life...

Robert Pattinson

mikeyblogs2 on YouTube

The actor walked out of a Ryan Seacrest interview in 2009 after he was asked about his relationship with Kristen Stewart.



Though sadly not shown on air, Rihanna reportedly walked off an interview for the Australian show Sunrise in 2012 after being questioned about her love life and what it is like being linked to ex Chris Brown, as well as rumors about a link to Ashton Kutcher. “It’s very frustrating," Rihanna said. "Almost as frustrating as being asked about it. I mean, what’s the point?" Ooh.

Shia LaBeouf

Associated Press on YouTube

In a somewhat bizarre turn of events, the actor walked out of a Berlin press conference in February 2014 after being asked about his movie Nymphomaniac and its explicit sex scenes. Later, he made a red carpet appearance with that infamous paper bag on his head that said, "I am not famous anymore."

Cameron Diaz

AFP/AFP/Getty Images

Sticking by her bestie! The actress reportedly left an interview in 2014 after the reporter took a shot at her friend Drew Barrymore and her past with drugs, and then proceeded to ask questions about her then-developing relationship with Benji Madden.

Paris Hilton

ODE on YouTube

The famous for being famous socialite didn't take too kindly to a reporter suggesting that her moment may have passed in this 2011 interview. Keeping in mind that this was around the time that other reality stars were beginning to blow up (cough, cough Kim Kardashian), it's not much of a surprise she reacted this way.

Naomi Watts

The actress, who appeared in the critically skewered Diana movie, virtually walked out of this radio interview with BBC after being questioned about filming by the Kensington Palace, "baffling" the reporters.

Naomi Campbell

highdefnow on YouTube

The supermodel, never one to hold back on how she really feels, walked out of an interview after being questioned about receiving a blood diamond. For good measure, she slapped the camera on her way out.

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