Mary-Kate & Ashley Movies Are Coming to Nickelodeon & You'll Freak Over These 6 Additions — PHOTOS

Whether or not a grown-up Michelle Tanner is on Netflix's Fuller House , the world will get to see more of her portrayers on TV soon. Nickelodeon acquired Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's movies, TV shows, and specials and will begin airing So Little Time on April 27! Transport yourself back to the '90s and early '00s, because we're all about to re-live their high school jet-setting days through Rome, Australia, London, the Bahamas, and more. Nick just released the first wave of programming, so hopefully there's more to be announced. Even though there are some great titles like Our Lips Are Sealed and Winning London, they don't hold a candle to my favorites. Double, Double, Toil and Trouble, It Takes Two, Billboard Dad, and Switching Goals are nowhere to be seen... yet.

Everyone knows that there are good and bad MKA movies, so I've highlighted the six most exciting releases below before giving the full list. Granted, if I was ranking all of Mary-Kate and Ashley's adventures, It Takes Two would be No. 1. In order to see it as an adult, I had to buy a copy off of eBay that has Korean subtitles, but it was totally worth it. Hopefully that will all change once Nickelodeon adds it to the lineup.

Our Lips Are Sealed

Australia isn't the worst place to be when you're in the witness protection program on the run from a diamond thief.

When in Rome

Only Mary-Kate and Ashley could make getting fired look so fun.

Holiday in the Sun

Megan Fox was the mean girl as MKA tried to stop antique smugglers in the Bahamas.

Winning London

Hottie Jesse Spencer helped them as they faked their way through UK culture.

So Little Time

Riley and Chloe understand all of your high school problems. FYI, all 26 episodes will air weekdays on Nickelodeon at 7:30 p.m. starting April 27. Set your DVRs!

The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley

Tiny Mary-Kate and Ashley solving crimes will always be the best. This kind of ties with You're Invited to Mary-Kate & Ashley's, though, because their sleepover party and mall party were the bomb.

Full List

Series The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley (10 episodes)You’re Invited to Mary-Kate & Ashley’s (10 episodes)So Little Time (26 episodes)Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action! (animated — 26 episodes)

TV MoviesMary‐Kate & Ashley’s Fashion ForwardOur Lips Are SealedWinning LondonHoliday in the SunWhen in RomeGetting There: Sweet 16 and Licensed to DriveThe Challenge.

Music SpecialsMary-Kate & Ashley Olsen: Our Music VideoMary-Kate & Ashley Olsen: Our First Video.

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