7 Handbags With Faces On Them, Because Who Wouldn't Want A Smiley Companion?

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With the popularity of Fendi's monster faced handbags, I realized that the thrifty shopper could be missing out on this adorable trend. With prices soaring close to the $2,000 mark for certain designs, it's not hard to grasp that they're a big out of most fashion lovers' price ranges. Especially for like, a micro, mini baguette. But they are so cute, right? So what is one to do? Copy the cute bags-with-faces trend on a budget, that's what!

Here you will find a selection of quirky bags that pack a personable punch. Plus, with the money you saved on your handbag, you can totally invest in a more affordable Fendi Bag Bug. That's priceless savvy shopper, insider information right there! So go ahead: Update your wardrobe with a kooky, charming bag full of character.

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