11 Holiday Food Gifts You Can Make In One Saturday

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Whether it’s at a Friendsgiving at your neighbor’s place, a Christmas Eve feast at your in-laws, or a traditional Hanukkah dinner at Grandma’s, you’ll be looking for a way to express your gratitude for your host's hospitality, and we suggest doing so by cooking up something delicious, OBViously. A nice bottle of wine or flower arrangement can seem kinda meh in the face of something like homemade amaretto, right? There’s something for everybody on this list — including some more unusual items. Does your host love bacon? (Trick question: Of course she does.) How about cooking up some bacon jam, or infusing her favorite bourbon with that porky goodness? Or if she raved about your steak rub at a summer BBQ, gift her a set of your homemade artisanal spice blends. These 11 homemade hostess gifts will show thanks and make a big impact. You’ll be sure to be invited back next year — especially if you bring the eggnog chocolate chip bread.

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