'Scream Queens' Is Definitely Going To Be Stylish

In the sea of highly-anticipated, darkly comedic television series set on a college campus lies Ryan Murphy’s Scream Queens. (Okay, so maybe it's the only one.) Set to air in September on FOX, the show is already taking on-screen fashion to the next level. From A-line minis to cropped fur jackets to thigh-high stockings and a slurry of pastels, think Clueless meets American Horror Story: Coven. That pretty much sums up the Scream Queens’ fashion frenzy. To make matters even better, the women who will be rocking the hottest fashion on TV since Gossip Girl are none other than Lea Michele, Ariana Grande, Abigail Breslin, Emma Roberts, and Jamie Lee Curtis.

Leading lady Emma Roberts has showed us plenty of attitude and style in American Horror Story, and from what Scream Queens teasers show us, her character Chanel has some seriously good style. While there are a few photos of Ariana Grande and Lea Michele on set circling through the Internet as well, I can only imagine what the two divas will be dressed in. Ariana, known for her coquettish style, is sure to turn heads. And although the photos of Lea Michele's character seem a bit more conservative, I bet her character will be anything but.

The teen slasher thing is a bit frightening for my taste, but I can't wait to be scared silly by the perfectly primped cast. Scroll down to see some of the fashionable reasons why I can't wait to watch Scream Queens:

1. The Leading Lady

When Madison died in American Horror Story: Coven, who would have known she'd come back to life as Chanel in Scream Queens? Unlike Madison, Chanel has a penchant for pastels and mini tote bags.

2. The Boys

The teen girl inside of me can't wait to see Nick Jonas on the show!

3. The Makeovers

Or, in this case, make-unders. Lea Michele channels '80s fashion for her role in the teen slasher show.

4. The Diva

While she originally got her start acting on Nickelodeon, I can't wait to see Ariana Grande return to the TV screen in a more mature role.

5. The Shoes

The first look of the cast's fancy footwear is pretty spectacular. Ariana Grande's platform Mary Jane's are to die for!

6. The Accessories

Like Gossip Girl, Scream Queen's accessories are nothing short of fabulous.

7. The Hair

So far we have only seen a few shots of the cast's hair, but the perfectly polished 'dos are sure to inspire some Pinterest tutorials.

Images: FOX; emmaroberts, msleamichele/Instagram; MrRPMurphy/Twitter; Giphy (1)