This Couple's Wes Anderson-Themed Save The Date Video Is So Adorable It Kind Of Hurts — VIDEO

Elaborate engagement stories with half-assed attempts at having viral qualities ain't enough these days, gang. To really keep the fickle attention of the People Of The Internet, you gotta gear up to make one amazing save the date announcement. As of late, going the cinematic route has been pretty popular. One couple mimed an action movie to let love ones to set aside a day to catch their union. That's all good and gravy for fans of the Die Hard franchise—but what about those who prefer a little twee with their huge life announcements? Now a soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. have a Wes Anderson-themed save the date video for all your adorable internet engagement needs.

No boring, old envelope-lickin' here (not to mention, the dangers Seinfeld touched on regarding this) for this engaged couple. Nope! Jon Sukarangsan and Jess Lau decided to go a different, decidedly quirkier route. They put together a short film that paid homage to their shared favorite director, Anderson, mimicking his framing, color palette, and general manic pixie vibe. Also, important foods like sushi and spaghetti (with cheese!) make an appearance, thus solidifying it as a very well-done save the date video. Much more compelling than some floppy magnet, no doubt.


I am officially interested in lunch. Specifically, one of these two dishes. (Or both! I feel craaazy today!) OK, let's investigate some of the key components of cute in Sukarangsan and Lau's video:

This nod to reality


Real talk: We're on our phones kind of a lot. I like that this video chooses to acknowledge that, which is something Anderson unfortunately usually leaves out of his films. TBH, I pretty much favor this couple's style more than Anderson's. I won't apologize.

This bag dump


#whatsinmybag is basically seated in a nest of lies anyway. No one's bag is that clean and without sand/crumpled receipts. Or I am a garbage person. I'm not sure. Regardless, I appreciate this footage.

This vacation nostalgia


Super adorbs shots from trips together. Aww. OK OK OK, see exactly what I'm talking about in the whole video below:

So stoked for this couple and their upcoming wedding! Scope out their gorgeous wedding website and be sure to read up on their story—which, yep, is presented in a freaking comic strip. This couple is seriously next level. Congrats, guys!

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