Kim K's Makeup Artist Will Be Added To Her Game

Good news! Kim K's makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, is the newest character in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. So now you, too, can have your makeup done by a celebrity makeup artist — well, virtually at least. Hey, it’s a start! Dedivaovic will put makeup on characters in the game as well as pass along tips to get you looking good. Anyone that Kim K trusts to do the makeup for her wedding has got to be pretty talented, so this seems like a perfect addition to her game, especially given how crucial that perfect contour is to her look. If anyone knows his way around a contour brush, it's Dedivanovic.

According to the bio on his website, Dedivanovic got his start selling perfume. He occasionally got to do makeup when women mistook him for a makeup artist, and that started him on his path to becoming a trusted name for celebrities. From selling perfume to being Kim Kardashian’s go-to makeup guru — talk about an A-list Cinderella story! His path to success is just so inspiring, and hearing about it made me that much more excited to see his character in the iPhone game.

In honor of his skills as a makeup genius and his avatar debut, here are some of the best look he's created for Mrs. Kardashian West IRL.

But first, here's what his Kim Kardashian: Hollywood character will look like:

Time 100 Gala Look

Kim K's makeup for the Time 100 gala was simple, yet sophisticated. The nude lip really made her eyes and brow line pop. Complete with slicked back ponytail and cleavage in full view, this look is classic Kardashian.

Golden Highlight

Back in her blonde days, this shimmering eyeshadow highlighted her hair color and really made a statement.

Grammy Goddess

Kardashian's sultry, smoky eye at the Grammys was everything. While her hair covered one side of her face, the one eye we could see was more than enough.

Girly Pink

The slight pink color on her lips looks so glam and girly. Mixed with a little bit of dark eye color, this makeup hits all of the right notes, adding a little something to the neutral ensemble.

Sexy Cat Eye

This bold cat eye for this Variety cover is just beyond words. And the way he's highlighted her cheek bones. I. Can't. Even.

Oh So Glossy

The way he's made her lips shine and her cheeks shimmer. Just. Gorgeous.

Eyelashes Galore

Barely there never looked so good. Her eyelashes go on for days. I love how matte and minimal he kept everything else.

Best Of All

Last, but certainly not least, the makeup from the most important day for Kim K. She looked absolutely radiant at her wedding, with help from Mario Dedivanovic, of course. He kept her makeup simple and clean and let the smile on her face be the main attraction.